The old confession where the customer’s true love where the customer marketing began

The old confession where the customer’s true love where the customer marketing began

Garcia · Marcks does not think he died two years as an oriental entrepreneur would express his reverence for a ceremonial style respect throw the helve after the hatchet.

"only God knows how much I love you" is the most famous classic of Marcks’s "love in the time of Cholera" in Urbino before he died, the doctor said the last sentence, for he that is not love his wife. When I read this sentence, I suddenly felt that Urbino was a very great man.

Vintage hard, in this shy or habits easily express time, between the long sentence words like "eight guardians" in a play while "life and death" the middle section of bone, was touched. Overnight, more and more "we" have been involved, with white or upload self express "only God knows how much I love you" in the form of the two days, where the fans have been in various channels to spread spontaneously hundreds of customers. It is reported that every guest website and mobile phone customers App will also open the video upload and praise, sharing and other functions, T-shirt products + short video sharing method and carrier become a secret weapon this time where the customer brand communication, we will become known as the "new T-shirt social tools, VANCL style" also appeared in the growth and spread of may.

Vintage also played live flowers, this is what they are good at, then into the product in two years in the end, they took out the 2016 new T-shirt, "only God knows how much I love you" theme marketing attempts to infect young forever "where guests". It is reported that Marcks’s "exclusive" translator Fan Ye, Marcks to the United States to participate in the 2 anniversary, where Marcks bought all t-shirts.

where 2016 art T-shirt is priced at 68 yuan, Eileen Chang, Marcks and Mu Dan’s words inspired design patterns printed on T-shirts printed on the back of the front, is the text, has launched dozens of products, among them, "only God knows how much I love you the best for this sentence related to Marcks" junk "T-shirt secondly, Mu Dan’s" beast "and Eileen Chang’s" little match ".

the last two days, have a chance to look like reset this year, was the most wanted to say: let us to know about it, and then, again. Only God knows how much I love you." This is the beginning of the 2016 Vintage fans throw, the spring breeze was blowing and overweeningly ambitious, meaning ", through the warm completely bared there and then" the emotional resonance, and forever young "where guests" alliance again. So the naked confession, whether they can save every guest that once

‘s feelings?

is too difficult, we are already in the young. However, still have the qualifications of the aged. Ali PR first, customer marketing unparalleled, if we look at those popular national marketing events where the customer has created the "VANCL style", "full body", "a shirt"……

said that where the customer marketing is not good people.

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