Jingdong bound mobile nternet can wipe out the spark of victory

Jingdong bound mobile nternet can wipe out the spark of victory

in recent years, the rapid development of mobile Internet, so many businesses see the business opportunities, one after another to cooperate with them, as one of the country’s leading e-commerce sites Jingdong naturally will not miss this opportunity. Jingdong in the binding of the mobile Internet, can wipe out the spark of victory it?

Jingdong in cooperation with the mobile Internet, the first launch of the mobile client, will be moved to the mobile phone online shopping mall, so that users can log on to the site at any time to shop. The introduction of mobile phone client, a lot of convenience to the user, in the early launch of the Jingdong has indeed brought a lot of benefits, but with the fresh period in the past, the results were mediocre. Look at the mobile phone Internet more than one Jingdong, Ali’s mobile client services to provide more and better than Jingdong, Jingdong to PK down. This is a blow for Jingdong, but Jingdong has not been repulsed, continue to seek new development.

in the development of mobile Internet, mobile QQ is one of the biggest features, according to statistics, there are now nearly 490 million of mobile phone users QQ active online every day. Mobile QQ QQ wallet is very hot, the user can recharge the QQ wallet to buy a variety of game currency. Mobile phone QQ has a huge user base, which is another opportunity for the arrival of Jingdong. For this opportunity, Jingdong will not easily give up, and discuss the rapid cooperation with the mobile internet. In order to smooth the sale of late, Jingdong has begun to actively stocking and preparation of various aspects of the operation plan. In order to better sell their products, Jingdong has developed a series of measures. QQ mobile phone users to the network virtual product consumption capacity is relatively strong, the Jingdong for these users, the network will launch the product, Laifu and consumer demand. QQ mobile phone users have a fixed number of subscribers, they each month will be rushed to membership for yourself or buy a yellow diamond, for these users, the Jingdong launched a QQ member preferential policy. Jingdong recently launched a 1000 to buy back to the activities of the 1000, the purpose is to attract a large number of customers to buy, I am afraid it is ready for the upcoming mobile phone QQ products do it!

although Jingdong is very optimistic about the cooperation with the mobile phone QQ, but I am still worried about this. QQ mobile phone users, although there are a lot of yellow diamond, blue diamond member, but these members will be more mobile phone QQ wallet on the money spent in the QQ game or QQ show etc.. Jingdong flagship products are mostly electronic products, mobile phone QQ members do not know at the time of purchase will have a wallet washed burst of feeling? Although the mobile Internet provides a convenient way to pay consumers, but through the mobile phone QQ wallet to buy bulky electronic products, do not know consumers will feel small material use.


I think the key to the success of Jingdong and mobile phone QQ cooperation is that Jingdong launched the product, can meet the consumer characteristics of mobile QQ users. Buy now in the mobile phone client on the crowd, mostly to food, clothing, shoes and hats, bags and other small pieces of daily necessities, a lot of people to buy a house.

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