Ali marriage Suning established cat Ning supplier Ali to leveraging Suning win Jingdong logistics

Ali marriage Suning established cat Ning supplier Ali to leveraging Suning win Jingdong logistics

Ali Tmall and Su Ninggou together.

Su ningyun announced on the evening of 18, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanjing and related party Chinese Alibaba intends to jointly invested 1 billion yuan to set up Chongqing Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "cat cat Ning Ning supplier). Since last year, investment Alibaba and become its second largest shareholder, again to build electricity supplier brand cooperation mode.

in the proportion of investment, Nanjing invested 510 million yuan, holding the cat Ning electricity supplier 51% stake, Chinese Alibaba invested 490 million yuan, holding 49% stake in the electricity supplier cat ning.


symbiotic win-win

Su ningyun said in the announcement, the Alibaba and group cooperation is more effective use of resources of both sides. Suning and Alibaba will maintain the basic business independently, cooperation in their respective users, platforms, goods, services, technology and other aspects of resources, service consumers, energy brands, enabling small and medium-sized retailers, innovation in retail industry.

cat Ning electricity supplier after the establishment of the business forum to company management and operation mode of Su ningyun group (including but not limited to, red child and Japanese Laox) opened in the Alibaba group on the platform related shops and channels. The Tmall flagship store will have more professional and systematic organization, prompting more clearly, to enhance the Su ningyun Group sales and brand in Tmall plays a positive role in promoting the.

by C2B reverse drive products customized underwriting business development and supply chain management based on cat Ning brand business electricity supplier is expected to enhance the service ability and rapid response to consumer demand ability. In addition, the cat Ning electricity supplier will also be innovative O2O business model, to enhance the quality of service for small and medium retailers, consumers.


reengineering a "double eleven"

in the formal establishment of the "cat Ning electric" before, Suning and Tmall actually "ogle" for a long time. Last August, Alibaba to invest about 28 billion 300 million yuan Suning, Suning became the largest shareholder after the interaction between the two sides is very frequent on the second.

in April this year, Tmall and Su Ningjiu combined to create the New Buy 418 Shopping Festival ", let Tmall and sales in the" double eleven "new wave of high. In the "418" period, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing six consumers in Tmall official flagship store orders, can enjoy the morning to evening morning afternoon orders, orders to "up to half a day" the ultimate experience of logistics.

according to the 418 electricity supplier Shopping Festival Suning released data, this year’s first day of last year on the first day of this year, the full 418

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