Taobao new regulations to punish the advertising goods not thunder little rain

Taobao new regulations to punish the advertising goods not thunder little rain

August 24th news, Taobao recently introduced a new official regulations, the provisions of the Taobao platform for the ghost shop, in fact, is the use of Taobao shop advertising businesses. Such shops will not complete the transaction on the Taobao platform, but to induce buyers to pay attention to WeChat account, through other means to complete the transaction with the buyer. This shop directly hurt the interests of the Taobao platform, and there are suspected of cheating consumers, should be severely punished by the government. In addition to such illegal shops, there are still a lot of wonderful Taobao shops, these shops are purely in order to attract the user’s eye, there is no other practical value.


Taobao platform which wonderful shop

casually search Taobao girlfriend, beard, shade and so on, you can see a lot of wonderful shop. Of course, these sales are very small, many are zero sales, owner may be due to boring, may also be purely in order to attract attention, and then sell other normal goods. Not only goods wonderful enough, there is enough wonderful shop price, the average price of goods is significantly higher than similar products, or the low price of poor. Do not know what the meaning of these shops for Taobao and consumers, Taobao platform should also shut down these wonderful shops, purify the Taobao ecosystem.

strict implementation of the new regulations can go

Whether it is fake or Taobao

, introduced a variety of new regulations, it is the key to the execution unremittingly. Today, there are still a lot of fake Taobao platform to clothing goods, for example, really want to completely eliminate those fake shop, it is estimated that the vast majority of clothing stores are spared. So now after the introduction of new regulations, Taobao should be published for some time the actual effect, so as to get the recognition and praise of the masses of consumers. As for the removal of counterfeiting and illegal shops, is not a short duration of time that the Taobao platform to complete the self purification, not only takes time and money, but also need supervision from the society.

Taobao platform also need to continue to purify

compared with Jingdong, Taobao is more like big bazaar people, although many users have cleared the cheap goods quality can not be guaranteed, but just like buying designer goods mentality. Some clothing, daily necessities, people are not very concerned about the quality of qualified. Instead, the benefits are more affordable, Taobao if you want to completely clean up illegal shops, you must strictly control the supply channels. And also have to review numerous goods, which alone Taobao is difficult to do, but also with the support and cooperation. Good business platform to coordinate with the relevant departments to establish a sound mechanism, including a thorough investigation of sources, handling consumer complaints etc..


is not a slogan, the same enforcement of Taobao new regulations how it can make nothing of it. At least Taobao official should regularly submit relevant data to the business sector, and then promptly announced to the majority of consumers. Can also seek advice and suggestions to the community, so as to get the consumer

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