Jingdong in WeChat shopping push shopping circle gradually improved another Jingdong APP

Jingdong in WeChat shopping push shopping circle gradually improved another Jingdong APP

in early March, WeChat will push the shopping circle with a variety of news spread rumors spread today, the launch of the news is actually a Jingdong, previously on the two circle of friends, said the natural attack and break. WeChat to open the shopping mall Jingdong channel, what advantages can bring, and what will be the problem?

It is postulated that

shopping circle will be WeChat "shopping" function, that is, the shopping circle is the mobile end shopping mall in the community share Jingdong, Jingdong shopping area, the user can see more than shopping, search, shopping cart and personal center ", will be on the line for a commodity review and share experience the circle of praise or share again.


WeChat "shopping" the existing value of

The development of WeChat

social data, the industry no attention not at the moment, this is the mobile Internet giant, is the future can accomplish social important case successfully realized the…… However, WeChat’s shopping function and how it?

is in the attachment bar of the "discovery", and the circle of friends in the same area of "shopping", officially launched in 2014 May, launched immediately after bring Jingdong 14.28% shares rose, the first quarter of 2014, the electricity supplier overall turnover of Tmall is 2.5 times of the Jingdong, and the mobile data terminal, Ali still occupied a dominant position.

and across the year 2014 mobile shopping data, Ali accounted for 86.2% of wireless, Jingdong accounted for more than 4.2%, there are still significant gaps in the data between the two.

we can get a preliminary theory is: shopping circle and failed to make full use of the huge WeChat user resources, Tencent mall jointly Jingdong has not successfully connected to the realization of social.

WeChat shopping in the shopping circle another Jingdong APP struck

day before the main transaction data of mobile providers from the business platform of the APP port, the main reason is: the electricity supplier APP users are shopping needs, conversion rate is high; in all modes of mobile providers, to bring electricity supplier APP in the form of user experience the most comprehensive, the most advantageous.

conversion rate has been a big problem for social networking providers seeking cash, we do not ask. We talk about the electricity supplier APP to bring users a good experience: more convenient commodity show, search mode, a more clear personal shopping center, a more perfect post sales review and service system.

WeChat "shopping" the Jingdong "in the mall, shopping, search, shopping cart and personal center", covering almost all functions of the mobile terminal APP, in addition to) – users of the products purchased by the comment function.

online shopping circle, is the internal WeChat small Jingdong "mall" complement the gap.

but if the door sill social realization still can not find a breakthrough, gradually improve the shopping experience of Jingdong "WeChat shopping", how much.

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