Reflections on the price of Taobao mall sellers defection

Reflections on the price of Taobao mall sellers defection

some time ago, a friend told me that I would like to take 200 thousand out of the shop in the Taobao mall, I was directly let him cancel the idea. My reasons are as follows: first of all, he did not have any network technology and network promotion experience, belongs to the head; secondly, he has no energy and manufacturers, wholesale market such as the source of competitive products; third, he put their hopes in a he cannot control a single sales channel, no retreat. My friend finally listened to my proposal did not follow the trend of the fire into the Taobao mall.

recently, Taobao mall announced price increases. The terms after the launch, aroused strong dissatisfaction of the large number of similar my friend sellers, tens of thousands of sellers defection. Taobao mall is not satisfied with the sellers who constitute a new policy against the Taobao mall group, planning a big seller of Taobao mall grab a siege action. Take goods, the main means is in the tens of thousands of people in a group have taken notice of the designated merchants all designated goods, these goods were taken mostly support limited promotion, cash on delivery and promised free return. Part of the Taobao sellers through the group of malicious Taobao store on the mall to sell the product, the implementation of a refund, poor rating and other activities, the major attacks were forced to sell the next


this is similar to the carnival will let the store take evil means in a dilemma, not all shipments, the other for compensation, 72 hour delivery can be compensated, so that shops can be penalized button to shut shop. If the merchant goods within 72 hours after all, those are all sure the goods, thousands of people in all to 0 or 1 points, the score to low business immediately, and all people together to apply for a refund, but also because it is 7 days, the refund rate will soon rise to 100%.

This event will allow

, suffered over the past 10 years the largest seller of water crisis, in the crisis, such as Taobao is prepared, and in recent months, Taobao will fill in mobile phone verification code. However, Taobao is not a big step forward a little? Taobao did not expect the seller will be the United Front, the Taobao mall price adjustment does so many sellers become Taobao employees, the gun fight bird, that did well in the Taobao store large companies have a lingering fear that this incident is destined to become the October 2011 electronic commerce industry news a profound. At the same time, caused by the "Tibet mall", including well-known e-commerce companies concerned and thinking, I think:

1, e-commerce low-cost strategy can not change

the seller defection, the primary cause is the Taobao mall price. When Taobao mall released when price news, we will make the "Tibet mall, decided not to enter the Taobao mall", because of the increased network operating costs, is bound to affect the advantages of electronic business, this is inconsistent with our original intention of genuine low-cost operation of Cordyceps sinensis.

2, can not rely on a sales channel

either rely on Baidu, or Taobao, if your customer source, >

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