Suning Gome department store planning and benchmarking five years after the bloody battle again

Suning Gome department store planning and benchmarking five years after the bloody battle again

the undercurrent of home appliance chain is brewing a new war. Yesterday, Beijing Suning announced that it will aim at Madian, central tower and other regional key layout super flagship store. The United States and Madian stores and large and medium tower shop is precisely their benchmark stores in beijing. Beijing Suning general manager Hou Enlong said, "in the two area layout is of strategic significance, the time has come to the sword". This is the end of 2008, the United States and the United States after the soul of Wong Kwong Yu five years after the accident, Suning initiative to declare war on the United states.

pointed to the benchmark store

Beijing to perform their duties for three years Hou Enlong told the Beijing Business Daily reporter interviewed, the next three years will be in the hotel Madian, Tajikistan, Daxing etc. better regional layout huoshenmiao flagship store. It is not difficult to find, Madian, the tower is the United States and the strategic hinterland of large and medium in beijing. For the United States Department of encirclement statement, Hou Enlong said, is not only the need of Suning’s own strategic layout, but also weakened the case of the attack in the competition influence, because the market itself is the shift.

these areas of the store is the spiritual pillar of peers in Beijing, destroyed the spirit of the pillars to the other side of the huge impact." Hou Enlong stressed.

But for

, Suning and Gome in tight situation, Beijing did not seem too big threat. And the responsible person does not think the tower has been formed in large and medium-sized business district, "the tower shop in Beijing area is large enough, and after years of nurturing a market reputation, and even myself don’t copy this store". Beijing, the United States responsible person also said that although Suning into the Madian area will have its own development plan, but the United States and Madian stores in the minds of consumers have formed a perception of the impact of the United States will not be great.

statistics show that the current market size Suning in Beijing has reached the United States and the United States and the total amount of two.

The long war on

Suning and Gome this two big giant chain while in front. The appliance arena has been more than ten years, but since the heart and soul of the United States Wong Kwong Yu by the end of 2008 was investigated and imprisoned, Suning and Gome has five years did not happen this year and 2006-2008 confrontation, both sides vowed to "fight blood" in different posture.

, however, the impact of the electronic commerce industry, home appliance chain industry is facing the adjustment of the situation, no time to take into account the traditional retail industry competition of the two leading, but now more than the strength. In June, Suning announced the full implementation of the line under the same price, the United States responded said, "do online and offline price can only take on high prices, some products may be done online and offline price synchronization, but if all products are done, it is a lie".

industry believes that the original intention of Jingdong as the current rival Suning, but some of the silence of the old rival Gome’s remarks hit the waist". It is no wonder that Beijing Suning to fight back in the key areas of the United states.

strategic significance


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