Customs consolidation of small foreign trade Amoy Japan and other online shopping platform hit

Customs consolidation of small foreign trade Amoy Japan and other online shopping platform hit

"due to the adjustment of Japanese business, to suspend the sale of digital cameras, cameras and watches products." This is Taobao’s online shopping platform for Japanese goods, Amoy Japan, recently published a notice on the home page.

A customer service officer

taojapan told reporters on the phone, due to the recent customs policy tightening, "Amoy" Japan had to suspend the Japanese sales of digital products.

associated with this, the Amoy Japan, another announcement shows: recent changes in customs clearance policy for personal items…… Taojapan has caused multiple goods piled no entry warehouse in Hongkong." Notice of the link to the customs new regulations 43".

according to the General Administration of Customs on July 2nd issued the text of No. 43, personal mailed items, the import tax at 50 yuan (including 50 yuan) below, shall be exempt from customs. If the value is beyond the prescribed limit, it shall go through the formalities for carrying out the formalities for transportation or in accordance with the provisions of the goods. According to the original provisions of the General Administration of Customs in 1994 to implement the import tax exemption of personal items up to 500 yuan. Tax exemption is equivalent to nearly 10 times." Analysys International analyst Cao Fei believes that the implementation of new customs regulations, engaged in purchasing overseas buyers will make a substantial increase in the cost of.

small foreign trade gray zone

reporter noted that the date of implementation of Article 43 is September 1st. "Although for mailing of personal goods immigration rules have not yet implemented, but according to the samples and advertising articles of the new regulations have been executed." Insiders told reporters.

long before, 43 issued in May 25th this year, the General Administration of Customs issued the "No. 33", in addition to the provisions of no commercial value of samples and advertising articles granted exemption and other import and export samples and advertising articles will be taxed according to regulations, from July 1st onwards.

previously, 1990 of the General Administration of Customs according to the original provisions, import and export of samples and advertising articles in the amount of 400 yuan or less, may apply for exemption from customs duties.

"do not rule out some small overseas purchasing, the samples and advertising articles in the form of tax avoidance entry." The above analysis of the industry, 33, the text is intended to plug this loophole.

less than two months before and after the time, the customs played a combination of boxing, directed at small import and export behavior in the gray area.

"this is equivalent to the" gray channel blocked small "avoidance of foreign trade." Many foreign trade industry, the reporter analyzed, the introduction of two new regulations for overseas purchasing, small foreign trade exports and other emerging industries impact.

In recent years

intervention and depth of application of Internet platform in the foreign trade industry, the use of e-commerce online transaction convenience of overseas purchasing and small foreign trade export mode is just unfolding from Analysys International data show that in 2009 overseas purchasing transaction volume of about 5 billion yuan, Dunhuang small foreign trade amounted to 2 billion 500 million yuan.

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