Walking the kitchen how to use the nternet thinking 5 months to run the farm 100

Walking the kitchen how to use the nternet thinking 5 months to run the farm 100

5 months, using the Internet thinking to operate the 100 farms, my name is Shao Zhengjia, from the kitchen production team walking.


won the October Zhejiang province entrepreneurial wealth contest prize 2, walking in the kitchen has gradually surfaced, the major provinces and cities by the media reports, many people in China know such a struggle for agriculture in the first line of the Internet business team, a lot of people are not optimistic, but we are really doing, thinking of using the Internet the management of Hangzhou City home to 10 large and medium-sized agricultural base, flower base, fishing grounds, help them to open up the Internet market, with authentic products, lower than the market price, the ultimate interactive experience to the user. These farms add up to more than 1 lines of water every year, we hope to use the model in the next year in the operation of the kitchen to operate each of the 100 origin.



The origin of

agricultural Entrepreneurship

2013 July, Zhejiang Province, a provincial organic agricultural product base and consult me, how to open the door of the Internet, the organic agricultural products, his family sold nationwide, 1000 acres of land, a year can produce 104 kinds of organic food, many on the market called luxury agricultural products.

then I set up a team, because the Internet itself is engaged in operation for many years, and was born in Hangzhou, the team easily recruited a group from the Internet Co personnel, these people from the Alibaba, dig money, and the 2 is the guidance of foreign scientists. At that time may think agriculture is the Internet last piece of blue ocean, so hesitate to put all the energy, now think about it, really do not know how bitter over.

project before the discovery of errors is excellent

I’m a very lucky man, the project did not start before we found fresh is a false demand, in addition to the huge cost of logistics Jiancang, the product itself can not generate profits, but because of the unstable volume slow death team. And a single farm, no matter how much you do, your product can not meet the needs of a thousand people in the daily food needs. Specifically: a lot of people to buy food, is certainly imagined a dish consisting of several raw materials and collocation, and not simply because of your carrot, and carrots, the user’s demand is diverse, but you may not be able to provide enough.

Chinese has 1 billion 400 million farmers, agricultural websites have more than 3 thousand, in fact, recently a lot of service of the 020 mode is very good, with the local markets and supermarkets, complete 1 hours of home delivery limit target. We have considered, but we can not do, there is no profit, so we find from the source, and finally found a direct production base.

small cost, multi try is excellent


first conceived of the project architecture, many people were part – time, but part – time entrepreneurial projects were also good

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