Domestic Mobi domain name is an international arbitration

Domestic Mobi domain name is an international arbitration

recently, Goodmobi received a hundred pages of international domain name arbitration notice. This notice is issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY) and the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center (WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center).

this is the name of the complaint D2007-1732 and initiate administrative proceedings, complaints and arbitration domain name:, the complaint is: Credit Industriel et Commercial S.A.. The domain is a minon (domain name investors) in September 26, 2007 through the website and submit successful registration, the domain name is already in the locked state, the limit transfer.

The domain name arbitration representations and defense are ongoing, the situation still pay close attention to the further development of. According to the website for Mr. Wang said: in foreign enterprise brand protection of their own intellectual property rights seriously, has also done very much in place, whether it is business, product or service, are registered trademark or patent protection, chapter law, the international domain name arbitration, will occupy a very favorable position. This is a large number of domestic enterprises worth learning.

it is reported that the.Mobi domain name international arbitration response complaint fee: $2000.

recently,.Mobi domain names are frequently subject to international arbitration, such as:,,, etc.. Dotmobi domain name, increasing influence in the world, large enterprises increasingly attach importance to the protection of the domain name.Mobi and wireless Internet, by cybersquatting, timely start domain complaints by arbitration get their own domain name, to avoid the loss of brand. But not all of the.Mobi domain of international arbitration is the enterprise to win, such as: and of the domain name registered successfully, to keep the registered domain names, domain name arbitration successfully rejected representations.

experts remind domestic enterprises, whether it is a trademark or domain name, to be a rainy day, as early as possible timely protection and registration, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

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