Baidu BaiduPay related domain fiery

Baidu BaiduPay related domain fiery

the world’s largest search engine Baidu announced Chinese, has its C2C (consumer to consumer e-commerce between) payment platform named "BaiduPay", BaiduPay will launch C2C platform together with Baidu. It is reported that the Baidu C2C project tackling group has all closed office, Baidu C2C project has entered the countdown stage.

it is understood that, with the powerful search engine capabilities, Baidu into the C2C market has caused a high degree of tension in other competitors in the industry. Two days ago, China’s largest C2C site, Taobao announced the screening Baidu search function, which shows that the two sides have become increasingly contradictory.

, according to industry experts, with the massive growth of e-commerce information, some of the major domestic C2C trading platform management transaction information has reached tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. Although Baidu C2C project has not yet officially launched, but Taobao shield Baidu event, two days after the fierce competition that will inevitably.

Qi duck in the morning will be able to open the website of BaiduPay, on the query sub domain related information, as of 13 18:18 points, only.Tv is not registered.


Qi Mao duck [] found that has also been registered, decided to register duck duck, is the first time to invest in domain names.

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