China’s first 3D printing industry electronic business platform finger shopping online

China’s first 3D printing industry electronic business platform finger shopping online

in recent years with the support of national policy for 3D printing industry, 3D printing industry such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain general rapid growth, 3D Printing Industrial Park in the region have landed, 3D printing is undoubtedly one of the most popular high-tech, 3D printing industry vertical business platform "finger shopping network" came into being in this trend. The rapid development of Internet plus "era, the quality of business platform must be improved constantly, the finger purchase platform to the quality of security, to provide quality services for 3D printing business transactions.


figure for yuan total with his 3D printer

according to the finger purchase operations director Yuan Zong, finger purchase of the main is to do the integration of resources, make full use of the 3D printing industry resources, products and services on the Internet, realize the sharing of information resources, businesses can own 3D printer, 3D printing supplies, 3D printing services displayed on the platform above, let the customer can quickly understand the performance and characteristics of the products, find their own products, and then directly online orders, payment. Finger as a third party platform for businesses and customers to provide quality services and protection. Electronic business platform can take advantage of the Internet, breaking the traditional sales model, so that buyers and sellers can quickly docking.

yuan also told reporters: as a 3D printing industry shopping platform, the consumer experience is also very important. In the finger shopping mall, whether it is browsing the goods, or shopping orders, are trying to give consumers the best experience. In the Internet era, finger shopping network to understand the difference in order to grow and develop, so that consumers can get real benefits to retain consumers. Finger shopping to meet the needs of the majority of consumers, will create a trusted 3D printing industry online shopping platform."

3D printing technology in China at a rapid pace into sight, the wide application of which give rise to the unlimited market space in the future, even as new technology to lead the third industrial revolution. Especially in the country, more and more companies actively enter the layout of the 3D printing industry eager to share a cup of soup. According to authoritative data show that the next 3-5 years will be the most critical period of development of 3D printing technology. 2015, China’s 3D printing output value of nearly 10 billion yuan, if it goes well, in 2016 will double, up to twenty billion yuan. As the first finger purchase business platform for the industry, promote exchanges and cooperation between the industry, to provide protection and services for the industry business, it is the future direction of the flow, we look forward to the mature and successful purchase of fingers.

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