Gome online at the Jingdong in June the battle of Washingto showdown

Gome online at the Jingdong in June the battle of Washingto showdown

calm for a long time the electricity supplier price war is now making a comeback, the United States at Jingdong, the smell of gunpowder is very strong.

at the beginning of May, the United States online website comprehensive revision. May 28th, the United States launched a "decisive battle 32 days" electricity supplier big promotion. Gome online promotional goals directed at Jingdong.

two years ago "Beijing Soviet price war, people still remember, this was now only the" Beijing beauty "blows? Along with Jingdong listed Jingdong, has become a business" deep hatred "


32 days 3 billion 200 million PK Jingdong

Jingdong after the listing of the first anniversary of the United States online is intercepted, 32 days 3 billion 200 million, aimed at Jingdong.

May 26th, Gome announced the launch of online 30 days no reason to return service, at the same time, since May 28th will launch a 32 Day promotional activities, launched a massive pole low-priced products, which will be a carnival of the year’s biggest online shopping appliance for users.

Huang Xiangping, vice president of the United States online marketing

in an interview with die Zeit reporter, said the United States online battle 32 days of the opening of the promotional period, the audience sales are usually more than 5 times. Especially high temperature air conditioning to promote sales, sales accounted for 40%.

seems to have a taste of the day. Obviously, the United States launched online decisive battle 32 days against Jingdong is premeditated, not only in the price war, but also on the service competition.

listed on the near future Jingdong, still gathered the eyes of the majority. As everyone knows, is the 618 anniversary of the Jingdong, Jingdong over the years will be out at this point in time. This year is no exception, from June 1st to 20, Jingdong will set off the purchase of the province 618PARTY ON big promotion, and then a shopping big lie".

BOE side said, in addition to tens of thousands of brands jointly launch awesome promotions, Jingdong by Jingdong APP, WeChat, QQ mobile phone payment of 1 billion yuan worth of red Jingdong. Especially Jingdong just listed, while the listing of festivity, increase investment this year’s situation is very obvious.

business center Cao Lei believes that the formation of Jingdong listed on a par with ALI electricity supplier double pattern, while the United States aimed at Jingdong, generous investment behind the price war will be more intense.

why direct targeting Jingdong


in an interview with die Zeit reporter, Li Juntao, senior vice president of the United States Group has repeatedly referred to the Jingdong, the decisive battle 32 days as the opponent of Jingdong.

Li Juntao said that Jingdong did indeed have merit on the line, a good place to learn. "We want to aim at the upward movement of the enterprise, and for those who go down the enterprise, we should learn from it."

Gome’s old rival Suning, recently because of the decline in earnings, causing concern. 2013, Su ningyun increased investment in e-commerce, will?

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