Excellent network enabled z cn behind the domain name still need strategy

Excellent network enabled z cn behind the domain name still need strategy

joyo.com was founded in 2000, was the first echelon of domestic B2C e-commerce website in the world, mainly engaged in the project for electronic books, audio and video, gift department stores, covering the daily life in the required. Has been working hard in the early days of excellence in the network is to use solid progress, step by step implementation of the safe route, but not lost, there are few bright spots. Amazon in August 2004 was wholly owned under the nationalization, in accordance with the strategic concept of the Amazon, is to rely on the world’s leading online retail expertise and joyo.com strong domestic market experience, melting point of a, attack cities and capture territories in the domestic field of electronic commerce. Has been accompanied by excellent network of high-speed growth, in addition to profitability, as well as Internet users continue to accumulate public condemnation.


global operations senior vice president Mark said, at present, Amazon’s annual growth rate of 40%, while the Chinese area is doubled, other areas reached 80%, the growth rate was so high speed is a thrilling thing, but there are always two sides of the coin. According to the third quarter of the market data just released Ai Ruigang, in the domestic B2C e-commerce market, Amazon ranked fourth (2.9%), Taobao (50.9%), in the mall mall Jingdong (18.6%) and suning.com (6.9%) after. Back in 2004, Amazon has just acquired the joyo.com, joyo.com has logistics area of only 14 thousand square meters, a thin, low starting point after the excellent takeover shall strive to Yong chase, but it’s a slight deviation direction.

let "excellent reputation at home and abroad" than its earnings growth is fast, the development of logistics is not how good, but from the two "door" event followed by. In December 23, 2009, Amazon in those foreign high-level sitting home ready for the Christmas holiday on the occasion, joyo.com in China ushered in the first let it in the opinion in the "door" incident, "25 yuan door". In the early hours of the morning, in the website of Amazon, a large number of price thousands of yuan of books because the system failure is the wrong standard for 25 yuan, after the news spread, at least hundreds of consumers overnight orders, quite a part even immediately carried out online payment, to only 25 yuan can get the "twenty four histories", Zizhitongjian "these most of the head home is really incredible. In their heart of expectations, let their incredible things happen, and Amazon without a single consumer contact case, unilaterally cancel the order, and even email that is the user active cancel order. In the face of system failure, may explain why in a calm mood, provide some coupons such compensation may can obtain consumer understanding, but excellence opted for a more aggressive approach, rude and immature.

made in this matter raise a Babel of criticism of aftermath of outstanding, excellent, China will rush in the Lunar New Year is approaching, and for the majority of Internet users cast a heavy bomb "". In January 25, 2010, following the "25 yuan door", excellence and personally concocted a hard drive door, a sale of $559

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