The voice of a web designer in Wuhan

The voice of a web designer in Wuhan

just graduated from work pressure


just graduated out of work, took a lot of twists and turns, the web hosting companies in Wuhan, looking for a web designer to work, wages are not high from feed themselves. The company’s operating conditions are not good, often wages do not come down. I have no confidence in this industry, one is for us this is just a way of not what art work experience, a lot of pressure, the company requirements for your efficiency and quality, a website to a person to go through all that carry down inspiration, most want to do is to resign, sometimes a talk with the boss’s idea, the boss will comfort you to stay. Her no money, nor around what the real master, do one year down, really not what progress. The salary is only enough to support themselves, get married, buy a house to these things, only with the pressure of their own, the second is the Wuhan Internet companies are in a lethargic embarrassing situation, high cost, operation mode of low income. So go to it is not a good day, do a line just for a hobby, if it is really the hobby as a tool to make money, a lot of thing and is willing to. No confidence in design. Do procedures, but also know some fur.

‘s work

is not easy to have a chance to change, change to a network administrator’s work, the company out of the proof of income, with the help of their parents. Set up a small house. Give birth to a child. But the enterprise network administrator, after all, is not a professional it company. And the company is not directly with the company to make money positions. In the company to work more than two years of time, wages are not known, then feel not dawdle down, and a plan to do professional things. But now come out, Wuhan’s network recruitment company and a lot of requirements, proficient in css+div, proficient in flash, high grade design capabilities, and wages are not high. Finally understand alone do "work in the company by" hunfanchi really difficult. Technically difficult to progress. Money isn’t enough to support my family.

firm confidence

We understand the

website, the biggest advantage is that you can own orders, can do operations, so China Internet users, can be said to be as long as the site to do good, are not afraid to make money. It spent several months kennedy. Bought the 10G space, the domain name Now the site is hanging out, dedicated to resume template. Now, although not earn any money, but at least I found the meaning of doing this. Solve the difficulties have good fruit to eat. If you don’t complain less. I wish you all could Wangzhuan success! Contact: QQ (150662363).

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