Jingdong turned service providers to help enterprises to provide after sales service

Jingdong turned service providers to help enterprises to provide after sales service

news April 27th, the day before, the Jingdong launched a service project "Qi Yue, help enterprises to provide customer service service platform. Jingdong for service providers responsibility is not clear, such as customer service issues mutually making excuses pain point, the introduction of integrated solutions.


Jingdong Enterprise Market Strategy Conference

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, the Jingdong service project "enterprises Wyatt can simplify the product warranty and return process, the need to expand the service to enterprises in various fields.

billion state power network has learned, in the happy enterprise brand, the Jingdong will provide 31 provinces for customers, including 400 cities, more than 1000 county-level city, more than 5000 brands and up to 10000 of the total lifetime of service product category. The Jingdong will share the product team of spare parts, technical experts and manufacturers, from multi dimension, buy, change, repair, upgrade to the security services, "Qi Yue" service coverage from sales consulting to recycling service the whole enterprise purchase customer service chain.

Jingdong as "Qi Yue" equipped with service team for enterprise customers, including manufacturers authorized repair center through its own team, the team has authorized maintenance engineers more than 800 people, with the original plant more than 30 kinds of PC and mobile phone brand maintenance service for customers.

industry experts said: "the single service of buying and selling enterprises Wyatt service for enterprise customers is not the traditional procurement, but a complete set of procurement service programme," Qi Yue "is a model of innovation, will bring enterprise services industry change.

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billion state power network to understand, also joined the Jingdong customer service system service team, providing thousands of products customer service service support in the Jingdong dealers, and opened the Internet, phone, WeChat, APP online communication.

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