Micro VS to each other or to make up for the traditional electricity supplier fight at outrance

Micro VS to each other or to make up for the traditional electricity supplier fight at outrance

in the past two or three years, micro business in the viral growth, growth has exceeded the traditional electricity supplier, WeChat with the circle of friends, QQ space, micro-blog platform, micro business is still growing. But now micro-blog continues to low-spirited, so micro business mainly concentrated in the WeChat platform, a circle of friends all kinds of advertising agency. Young entrepreneurs have chosen micro business venture, and gradually abandoned the idea of a shop in Taobao, micro business fire, Taobao shopkeeper became a micro shop owner. Micro business and traditional electricity providers gradually formed the opposite, the momentum of micro business, and then over a few years its size will not go beyond the traditional electricity supplier it?


micro business and the biggest difference between the traditional electricity supplier, where the micro business is doing business acquaintances, and the traditional electricity supplier to do is a stranger’s business. Micro business target customer base is the owner’s relatives and friends, through the circle of friends in the release of product advertising, in order to attract friends to buy their own products. Taobao, Jingdong and other traditional electricity supplier is a web site platform, and therefore need to have more traffic and users, can be converted into actual orders. However, it is difficult to understand the meaning of cooked life, or a strange sense of life is difficult to do it, in order to micro business model now, the acquaintance of customer resources are very limited, and credibility is a problem.

in the circle of friends of WeChat, it is difficult to believe that you have a strange friend, unless you have a very familiar with the relationship, or in the case of not trust you, it is difficult to buy your product. So the key to the success of micro business is the trust of people, not your product, people fly, the product will fly. Traditional electricity providers do not have to worry about this problem, Taobao, Jingdong such a large electronic business platform, as long as there is traffic and users can. Acquaintance customers develop a long cycle, the greater the cost of inputs, unfamiliar users are more likely to get, which is the biggest bottleneck in the development of micro business.

so many young entrepreneurs choose micro business, the main reason is that the operating costs of the micro business is small, and now the cost of operating a larger Taobao store, small sellers difficult to compete with those flagship store. Young entrepreneurs are most lacking is money, in fact, do a lot of micro business friends are part-time, while working, while operating micro shop. Micro business threshold is low, the threshold of the Taobao shop is getting higher and higher, but the survival of micro business platform is a social circle, which is basically WeChat circle of friends. As a social communication applications, WeChat circle of friends if the micro business advertising display bit, it is estimated that WeChat will lose a lot of users.

micro providers to survive on the platform determines the size of the micro business can not be too large, but now is more hateful to do a lot of micro business people in the pit of their friends. The sale of substandard quality mask, the results of the pit friends, ruined his reputation, such a micro business is destined to live long. So now the more micro business needs of industry standards, in fact, micro enterprises and the traditional electricity supplier dispute, it is between Tencent and Ali’s war. Tencent monopoly of micro business, Ali monopoly of traditional electricity providers, the two are sworn enemies, want to make a micro business and traditional electricity providers to make up for each other is unlikely. Article by the website directory http://s.www.12580>

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