ndividuals registered CN domain name is protected by law

ndividuals registered CN domain name is protected by law

as individuals and enterprises in order to belong to a CN domain name arbitration wrestling, whether because of personal identity and eventually lost? It is understood, including the recent irizar.com.cn case, recently, many registered in the personal identity of the CN domain name registration procedures are resolved to victory in the dispute. In the Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center award, sptcc.cn, cyberdream.com.cn, symbol.com.cn and other personal registration and business litigation cases, personal registration are keep your domain name.

for personal registration, these are undoubtedly good news. Due to personal problems can be registered CN domain name has been in dispute, although the CN domain name with vigour and vitality 1 yuan experience activities since China’s CN domain name registrations promotion, blog, photo album, baby emerge in an endless stream, personality and other users log domain mail application, but people still worry about individual network problems for personal registration.

experts said that in the practice of the current CN domain name dispute resolution procedures, the main identity of the disputed domain name registrant, generally does not affect the outcome of the dispute resolution. Whether the domain name holder is an individual or an organization, its rights and obligations in the domain name dispute resolution mechanism are equal, enjoy the equal right of defense, and its legitimate rights and interests are protected. (commissioning editor admin01)

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