The application and survival of e commerce in Tourism

The application and survival of e commerce in Tourism


at present, domestic tourism is 90% of the group, the travel agency has considerable experience in the tourist traffic arrangements for accommodation, for entry visa procedures and so on, can be more convenient to improve the pseudo tourists, but tourists have different hobbies, in order to experience the scenery can be seen, "not the same scenery", more and more people began to try to "travel" either way, you can use interactive space and the advantages of the Internet, that is to say, e-commerce is not only suitable for travelling with a group is also suitable for individual travel.

with the group tour that consumers through the Internet to find satisfactory routes and travel agencies. Contact your travel agent directly or via email. Individual travel e-commerce allows consumers to collect all the information needed to travel through the Internet, including food, housing, travel, shopping and entertainment, etc. six, in the site made the travel plans, and the booking car, ship, plane tickets etc..

tourism website is the tourism industry development and application of e-commerce position, through various types of tourism enterprises to join, more efficient and effective status of the tourism industry to provide the following main service functions;

first, tourism information dissemination

Internet as the fourth media, greatly expanding the scope of tourism information dissemination. The tourist website dissemination of tourism information, extensive, instant and interactive three significant advantages, site tourist attractions can be posted on the website 24 hours uninterrupted information, to attract tourists. Tourism enterprises also update their tourism information whenever and wherever possible, travel from the common sense to the attractions of climate, from travel flights to antique snacks, Everything is contained therein. Tourists can also leave a message on the site or participate in the discussion, even if the transfer of their own information, more effective than any previous means of transmission. The tourism industry in the Internet industry can provide route, street maps, tourist guides, scenic maps, weather forecast, car rental information, you can also do some tourists and contact, real-time fares, take-off, arrived at the moment spread.

two, tourism product development

tourism website makes full use of the interactive features of the Internet, so that tourists are directly involved in the design, development, and real

of tourism products

‘shi. "Personalized" new service is the most characteristic, it includes tourists personal hobbies, personality characteristics based on the propensity to travel "personality index database", the combination of collocation through specific procedures, so that tourists tailor-made tourism products, such as: to provide objective intent, for tourists to consider tourism the characteristics, customs and habits, the traffic safety situation, currency exchange, time budget, matters needing attention, so that tourists get the best travel to enjoy.

personalized customization is the biggest breakthrough in the traditional industry, once the formation of tourist routes, tourists can put it on the tourist site "trap" interested in the line, the assembly

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