2016 maternal and child electricity supplier offensive and defensive war the pattern has set the big

2016 maternal and child electricity supplier offensive and defensive war the pattern has set the big

calm nearly half a year of the maternal and child electricity supplier industry, recently made people smell a trace of gunpowder. At the beginning of June, the money just honey bud in cooperation with the Golden Eagle cartoon and CCTV named "61" party; foot 16, babe network invited hundreds of media held a media communication strategy conference in Beijing, announced the acquisition of D $100 million round of financing, the question to the other "property for maternal thirst" game player who.

said the vertical maternal electricity supplier also directly, most people will think babe network, honey bud, beautiful mother hoard that several, overall each have their own advantages. Baby honey bud and first into the Bureau, respectively, non-standard products and cross-border business as the entry point, seize the opportunity of maternal electricity supplier. According to maternal beauty mother baby tree community based on the use of big data analysis and user needs, to meet the needs of the user groups maternal differentiation.

insiders have said that 2016 will be the year of the reshuffle of maternal and child electricity supplier. In fact most people are already clear, after fierce competition for more than two years, some of the pattern in 2015 in fact has emerged, now has more than half of 2016, the outsiders "tenderness" in the end how to

the battlefield?According to the

TalkingData issued at the beginning of the "2015 mobile maternal industry insight report", the community application of baby tree coverage of users ranked first, followed by the two babe network, and after several opened a big gap. In the electricity business, babe network ranked first, with second honey bud at least four times the gap between.

According to the

QuestMobile in the near future has just released the "2016 China Mobile Research Report" in the business data, the US Bei Bei vertical game player in the traditional sense, it has nearly 11 million 230 thousand active users into MAU (monthly active users) tens of millions of business camp (currently MAU tens of millions of mobile providers have Taobao, Jingdong, vip.com, Tmall, mogujie.com, jumei.com), MAU (monthly active users) in more than 4 of the sum of maternal electricity supplier after more than 3 times. If only from the data point of view, the vertical maternal electricity supplier babe network in a single large, industry pattern has been settled.


key sedate babe: on the "non-standard" moat "only fast play"

is one of the most representative of the maternal electricity supplier development, babe network this year is the industry known as "low-key", this is the latest mentioned above QuestMoblie data, one of the reasons that surprised the industry.

look back at the development of babe network, non-standard products has been an important "moat it". According to the babe network CEO Zhang Lianglun speech said, babe network of non-standard products accounted for 75% of the number of category, there is yet no one can go beyond the maternal electricity supplier. At the same time because of the non-standard products to make price war, compared to the standard features of the more profit, babe network in the operation of the branch.

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