Word of mouth to take care of the health care to enter the home to catch up with Jingdong

Word of mouth to take care of the health care to enter the home to catch up with Jingdong


] January 25th news billion state power network, Ali’s reputation began to covet takeaway App medicine. Billion state power network noted that reputation has recently increased the takeaway "medical care" sub channels.

it is reported that, after this, the word of mouth takeaway mainly includes gourmet takeout, dessert drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables, supermarket convenience, flowers express, chain brands, such as 6 categories. KFC, Quanjude, grandma, Haagen Dazs, pizza hut, Hangzhou and other large chain catering brand has been settled. At present, medical care category temporarily without any merchants settled.  

billion state power network to understand, Baidu takeaway and Jingdong home as early as last year, already has on-line delivery service. Among them, the Jingdong officially launched the "health" home plate in August last year, access to medicine, nutrition and health care, medical equipment, health, beauty and taste of cosmeceutical glasses and other fields of businesses, in November last year, the Jingdong home even began to try to "pharmacist home business.

in fact, in addition to the Jingdong and Ali, the pharmaceutical industry already have many companies try to send medicine door-to-door service, fast medicine, medicine jingle awesome, drug delivery are large propaganda products, the main mode is mostly completed through cooperation with the line pharmacies.

, however, this model has not been home delivery industry generally recognized, and even some people in the industry as a pseudo demand".

is a pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry veteran to billion state power network said that the current consumer demand for drug delivery site mainly concentrated in some long tail products, this kind of long tail products is difficult to scale, and the line pharmacies did not supply chain advantage, and the general public of the drug, the consumer has not the habit of home service.

can not buy drugs bought in the vicinity of pharmacies, is a lot of consumers demand for medicine home." The source told billion state power network.

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