From the handle network and mission test network to see personalized buy

From the handle network and mission test network to see personalized buy

after several rounds of fierce competition, the domestic buy site has begun to mature. From the current point of view of the industry as a whole, has become diversified and personalized development. In my study of the group buying site, the network and the recent on-line test network is very worthy of attention, the two sites to buy the site to bring a lot of new ideas.

in the beginning of the rise of group purchase website, can be said that the Chinese version of Groupon, there was no innovation basically. However, after a period of development, some sites have been showing innovative ingredients. One hand in the Groupon network on the basis of the integration of the advantages of Foursquare, take the development of Groupon+Foursquare model. This model is considered by some people as a double cottage, but also some people believe that innovation. I personally think that this is not the value of the discussion, almost all of the domestic Internet products, there are components of the cottage, almost in the United States have emerged.

but I think this is a good direction, at least the domestic Internet companies are trying. As many people say that the copycat ICQ Tencent, Tencent no innovation, this is very thin. Tencent at least on the basis of ICQ, giving more humane features of the QQ, allowing users to like and rely on. The G+F model of the handle network, although it is a combination of two kinds of foreign Internet products, but combined with the advantages and characteristics of both, which should be regarded as innovation. Compared to the complete clone Groupon version of the site, I think it is worth encouraging.

followed by the recent online mission test network, should be regarded as the first domestic and even the world’s vertical buy site. This site to buy goods only educational products, the first single to buy goods is to help test the network of training courses, there have been a lot of users to participate in group buying. Thus, the education group purchase this market is not small, why people never thought of that? Everyone is going to be large and the group purchase website, not necessarily have the capital strength and support, but do you know the industry may be able to bring you more opportunities. Isn’t it


is now fierce thousands of war, I think we should not blindly speaking of "Groupon", but will Groupon to digest, we become Internet mode localization. I believe that there is such a basis, there are always other breakthrough, just like the handle network and mission test network, there are many opportunities. And the mature characteristics of this market is the continuous subdivision and development. I believe that under the leadership of the group such as the vertical network class buy site, buy site industry will continue to be broken down, it will make this industry become more mature.

at the same time, it also brings a lot of Internet entrepreneurs to think about, do not blindly into the areas you are not familiar with, do not blindly pursue large and full. In the case of limited resources and capabilities, focus on the strength of your own areas of expertise, so that it may have more room for development.


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