Shift the joint venture of innovative products one stop mobile e commerce solutions

Shift the joint venture of innovative products one stop mobile e commerce solutions

[move joint business]


move joint business relies on the shift associated browser platform and business credit, Chinese econnect alliance, including providing one-stop mobile e-commerce services to the address bar, search engine promotion, integrity authentication, WAP website, the client, for enterprise customers, is the enterprise to carry out the necessary core resources of mobile e-commerce.


[b] value advantage [/b]

move the browser address bar to

shift associated browser is designed for business people to the browser, move joint business support shift associated browser address bar directly, in the input shift associated browser can directly move joint business, enterprise mobile e-commerce website.

QR code straight

move joint business customers will get an exclusive two-dimensional code, by moving the browser or other code to shoot the software code, you can go directly to the enterprise mobile e-commerce site, more convenient and quick.

mobile browser search engine top six

in the mobile browser search bar to enter a joint venture, the results will be displayed at the top of the page ads. Shift associated browser support Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou and Youdao, will be all six major search engines, while covering more than 2 thousand econnect alliance promotion service.

China business credit platform authority certification

move joint business customers, authoritative certification by China’s business credit platform. China’s business credit platform is the Ministry of Commerce, China International Electronic Commerce Center to build and operate a national, third party business credit platform.

standard WAP website and mobile phone client

move joint business customers will be the standard WAP website and mobile phone client, two pronged approach, close to the user, leading the new trend of mobile internet.


] [App]

move APP, is an independent research and development of mobile Internet mobile phone application development system. The shift in APP self system, a simple and rapid generation of online business exclusive and personalized mobile applications, help enterprises to quickly grab the user mobile phone desktop, greatly enhance the corporate brand, deepen consumer loyalty, retain customers. Econnect APP industry portal, enterprise brand, electricity suppliers and other three types of template, meet the needs of different customers personalized; at the same time provide promotional support, guidance and technical support for the enterprise; assist the enterprise communication client, help enterprises to maintain client.

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