Amazon global business data exposure China quadruple seller

Amazon global business data exposure China quadruple seller


] September 16th news billion state power network, Amazon vice president Ye Weilun held in the Chinese China Amazon global business seller seminar revealed that in 2013, the Amazon global business Chinese sellers to increase the number of 196%, while sales in the UK market growth of more than 560%.

billion state power network has learned, at present, Amazon Chinese "global business project has been expanded to the Amazon in the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and Japan website. Amazon China is responsible for the global shop project team size has increased by 3 times.

according to reports, the Amazon global business to implement the United States, Canada integrated management of the account, sellers do not need to open a bank account in Canada, the sale amount can be directly remitted to the seller on Amazon American dollar account or Hongkong opened HKD account.

in the European market, the EU based on the geographical advantage, the seller can use Amazon Europe unified account, in addition to simplify the management of commodity information, but also can make use of the Amazon logistics services (FBA) management of cross-border sales. And because of the diversity of the language of the European market, Amazon has launched a transnational commodity publishing tools and commodity translation tools.

as one of the two new open areas this year, the size of the Japanese electricity supplier market is only second to the United States and China, Amazon Japan website is ranked first in the Japanese electricity supplier website. As China’s most recent overseas sites from Amazon, the location of the near future can help sellers save a lot of logistics costs.

it is understood that the Amazon global shop project is mainly for the seller to provide full support for cross-border trade. Including providing guidance to the seller before the shop, providing regular training to the seller, the seller to provide Amazon logistics overall solution, etc.. Currently, Amazon has a total of 13 e-commerce sites in the world, logistics and distribution covering 65 countries, more than 200 million active users worldwide.

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