Palliatives Tmall C2B

Palliatives Tmall C2B

NetEase technology columnist Zhuang Shuai

C2B can be said to be the ultimate dream to the manufacturer’s production mode, this mode of production so that manufacturers can more easily allocate resources, no waste and occupation of funds, not because the production lot of commodities to sell the last effort also caused a huge inventory; so that consumers can freely choose their favorite color, texture and even shape. The signature on the goods, so that businesses produce their own unique even is the one and only goods, all this sounds particularly good.

Tmall really is the most qualified to practice C2B, from two to 11 of Juhuasuan’s sale is scheduled to start April Tmall launched Tmall, Tmall and Tmall for the sale of the album and electric package of four products, the "commodity from a simple change to the window lattice shop display display, and the formation of C2B (consumer to business) for the exclusive sale mode and sale. This is exactly what Tmall sought to electricity suppliers in the future trend of a substantive step taken. Electricity supplier industry experts have said that this means that Tmall has to get rid of the electricity supplier industry competition in the primary price war, the next step of the platform will be a unique business model competition.

why Tmall can do C2B on the one hand is more than 200 million of the massive user base on the other hand hundreds of thousands of brands. The front of the consumption capacity and pulling power, the back-end supply chain capabilities in support of C2B, makes C2B progress seems to have changed dramatically gratifying. Only through a business and communication results, their enthusiasm for C2B platform is not so high, they can accept only pre-sale reservation form, strictly speaking, this is not really a core part of C2B, this is only the sample submitted for sales forecast orders through the network, consumers in the product design materials and production process itself does not have too much choice. It is Tmall in the future substantive customized production step, rather than hope through the network of product innovation and operation innovation to compensate for the lack of user group sources of customer price and price on the drive.

know the history of Tmall sellers and buyers are relatively clear, Tmall formerly known as Taobao mall, originated in Taobao, the first domain name is, after the opening of, meaning Taobao mall. Taobao mall was established by the Jingdong, Dangdang authentic B2C mall based on the pressure rise, want to use this platform to quickly draw up the brand business shop, on the one hand is to get rid of the high value users of Taobao, the sale of fake fake goods caused by the loss to the sale of genuine B2C mall, on the other hand is to get more revenue through the mall platform after all, for the C shop individual sellers, taking deep pocketed more willing to invest. Just these three years to 10 years in 08 years, the brand business line of business and not too much affected by the impact of electricity providers, although Taobao is a scale of billions, but are individuals through the wholesale market or selling fake fake goods and factory unqualified tail "

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