Dangdang COO Huang parity and buy can not become mainstream

Dangdang COO Huang parity and buy can not become mainstream

news August 20th, dangdang.com chief operating officer (COO) Huang Ruo in an interview with TechWeb to think through the electronic commerce business people gives a lot of advice, at the same time, also expressed their personal views on the field of electronic commerce, the popular network group purchase group purchase price and navigation, in its view, against the network group purchase and can not become the mainstream format.

it is understood that Huang Ruo has more than 20 years of experience in business, retail, and served as vice president of Taobao operations center. Taobao mall platform e-commerce model that is created by. It is very popular in the B2C industry in today’s investment in associates, Koudian distribution, and flagship stores, specialty stores, 7 days no reason to return and so on, most of the first hand from Huang Ruozhi. Recently, whether it is venture capital, or third party data research institutions responsible person in an interview with TechWeb, have expressed optimistic about the field of e-commerce. This field may also be a lot of entrepreneurs interested in. And Huang Ruo’s proposal in this regard may be a lot of inspiration for entrepreneurs.

seems to be in the yellow, e-commerce opportunities are too many. Any industry can produce one or two of the national e-commerce enterprises. Have to sell tickets on the Internet Ctrip, eLong; there are books on the Internet Dangdang, excellent; there are online clothing to sell the VANCL; and even sell diamonds on the internet. From the perspective of social retail industry is a small category. These small categories can be made with such a large scale, so the social impact of this society can do e-commerce industry very much.

if someone asked Huang Ruo for advice, he said that the industry will not be more opportunities from the point of view, but more from the other two angles to consider. If you use your own words to sum up the general retail, e-commerce is a pair of consumers, the back of the head toward the supply chain". First of all, to consider whether to do is not the demands of consumers, more than 80% of online shopping groups are below the number of people, to consider whether to do is not the mainstream of these people appeal to the people of. Secondly, the so-called "head to the supply chain" refers to what is the current status of the supply chain, the supply chain may very well not much chance, but the supply chain is very scattered, not just the developed supply chain provides many opportunities.

in the eyes of many people, and even some of the e-commerce industry leaders believe that some products are not suitable for e-commerce, and for this point, Huang said that from the perspective of what to consider. Human beings have inertia thinking and creative thinking. For example, according to the inertia of thinking of large volume, fresh category is not suitable for e-commerce. However, if the innovative thinking will be a challenge, but may be more opportunities for e-commerce. If you have to give some examples for electronic commerce, Huang Ruo said: "now is not the necessities of life also can not see, such as a web site selling the carpet, there may be, but the carpet is not the necessities of life, I think it may be more distant." Huang Ruo pointed out, do not let the traditional thinking because of large volume, because need

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