Traditional enterprise e commerce direct marketing model

Traditional enterprise e commerce direct marketing model

when the traditional sales model in contemporary progressive evolution of consumer centric marketing mode, when human become a new type of commodity sales and service channel, when the Internet e-commerce platform support is booming, in twenty-first Century Chinese commodity economy appeared a new task: to interpersonal marketing based on for Internet transactions, payment platform, electronic commerce as the tool system of "network marketing" placed in front of us.

network direct sales in the network, there are two meanings: first, refers to the Internet, two refers to the interpersonal network. Network marketing refers to the use of the Internet and the sale of goods network marketing activities. The main form of the Internet economy is e-commerce, in other words, e-commerce is the external performance of the Internet economy and substantive behavior. In the direct sales network, products from the source to the enterprise to purchase goods distribution enterprises and dealers to consumers throughout the whole process of commodity production, procurement, logistics, distribution, marketing, consumption, payment link. Therefore, we can define the network direct marketing: direct marketing model based on e-commerce marketing model. This is the essential definition of network direct selling. Through the network marketing and e-commerce marketing model is the relationship between life style, name, and practical way, mode.

In this paper, the

mode of origin, thinking and application are discussed, and along a clear line of essence, Jianming, network marketing tactics and battle path, in order for the industry, enterprises and the general practitioners to provide a useful reference.

"A – B – C" mode of direct selling in


The composition of the

model is the direct sales team promotion system – e-commerce marketing and trading means – Chain Management – consumer terminal system – third party procurement logistics, payment platform support. This model covers almost all of today’s most advanced economic and productivity requirements. If you refer to the terms of e-commerce that is through the integration of B – B, B – C, C – C three trading platform model. The first B – B refers to a centralized procurement enterprises in the face of a number of public enterprises, these vendors can be merged into a B collection, we rename it to A". The "B – B, B – C, C – C" system of merger of similar items, the formation of a "A – B – C" mode. The difference is that the new model of C is not the end consumer, but a collection of marketers and teams, we call the end consumer D".

then the new marketing model can be expressed as A (product manufacturers, commodity suppliers, commercial integration) – B (investors, builders, group purchasing platform – C (purchaser) operators, marketing staff, marketing team (D) – end consumers, part of which can be translated into "C") "model. The core power of this model is the interest chain formed by investors, operators and consumers. Its operating procedures can be described as investors through corporate behavior to a number of commodity suppliers A bulk procurement, >

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