Small and medium enterprises how to develop their own e commerce platform

Small and medium enterprises how to develop their own e commerce platform

at present, small and medium-sized enterprises due to the scale of operation and management capacity of enterprises and other factors, so in the process of conventional market distribution, tend to be affected by a variety of small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, compared with the traditional, must make use of their advantages quickly, establish an effective information system, and then based on the development of electronic commerce.


information system can help enterprises to improve the management by means of information itself defects, standardize business processes, improve the quality of products and services; electronic commerce can quickly integrate into the global competition in the outside the "big cake" to win a favorable position. However, in fact, this is not the case, small and medium enterprises in the use of information technology to enhance their competitiveness is also facing many challenges, such as funds, technology, talent, ideas, etc.. After the former wolf tiger competition pattern has been formed, small and medium enterprises can no longer let the shortcomings are still not changed, but who will help SMEs to change their situation?.

so, how is the development of small and medium-sized enterprises own e-commerce strategy? In this regard, the domestic well-known e-commerce research and communications agencies — Chinese B2B Research Center suggested that the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises from the following three aspects launches.

1, determine the development goals of e-commerce

most of the small and medium enterprises do not carry out e-commerce in the near future to develop primary e-commerce as the goal, a small number of primary e-commerce has begun to develop the medium and small enterprises in recent years as the goal of e-commerce.

2, the development of e-commerce development planning

small and medium-sized enterprises should be combined with the situation of the unit, according to the enterprise development planning and strategy, the development of e-commerce development plan. Enterprise e-commerce planning is an important part of enterprise information planning, business management services is the information technology planning, enterprise e-commerce planning content:

Design and construction of

(1) commerce website

website planning, web page and website content design, website management and management.

(2) network marketing and promotion

Establish and strengthen the enterprise network brand

A. B.; the establishment of enterprise network image; C. network to create new business models based on D.; expand contact with customers; e. distributors, agents, retailers management order management; f..

3) network procurement

A. bidding management; B. purchasing management; C. supplier management; D. inventory management.

4) network marketing and supply chain management

5) network marketing and customer relationship management

4, improve business website function

(1) to improve and enhance the function of the business website

e-commerce site features can be divided into foreground and background functions. Front functions include:

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