From the concept of Chinese domain name into the active application stage

From the concept of Chinese domain name into the active application stage

since the Ministry of foreign affairs and other central government agencies and local governments at all levels and other government agencies to take the lead in the opening of Chinese domain names, the popularity of the domestic Chinese domain name set off a new round of climax. According to reports, the Bank of China, Sinopec and other large state-owned enterprises and traditional media industry have also enabled the Chinese domain name. There are indications that the Chinese domain name has gone through the concept of training stage, entered the era of universal application.

Chinese domain name can be attributed to large-scale application of today’s attention economy, eye economy". With a string of letters and numbers, such as the composition of the traditional English domain names are different, the Chinese domain name with the Chinese people’s own symbols – "Chinese characters" as a domain name unit. With the unique connotation and charm of Chinese characters, as well as its unique affinity for the Chinese people, Chinese domain names can quickly remember and quickly enter the access. At the same time, the use of Chinese domain name can highlight the holders of Chinese complex and cultural heritage, so as to have a stronger response in the Chinese Internet market.

domain name registration service provider Internet times pointed out that, to a certain extent, the popularity of Chinese domain names can help users weaken dependence on search engines." In the past, even if such portals such as Alibaba, many users still need to search the search engine Alibaba, and then click on the visit. Enterprises or organizations in the Chinese enabled domain name, as long as the visitors in the browser’s address bar directly enter the website domain name Chinese can be accessed directly, without making a tedious operation through the search engine. In the future, the Chinese domain name will become the first choice of major website promotion and Internet surfers.

Microsoft Corp’s new browser IE7, the full support of the Chinese domain name, to a certain extent, highlights the importance of the world for the Chinese domain name. More importantly, Microsoft IE7 has now abandoned the genuine validation operations required for installation, even pirated users can update to the new version of IE, so that the popularity of IE7 speed in a short period of time increase several times. Thus, IE7 will become a powerful Chinese domain name booster".

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