Group purchase originator Groupon officially launched food delivery service in the United States

Group purchase originator Groupon officially launched food delivery service in the United States


Groupon takeaway service Groupon to go

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 31st news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported earlier this month, following the acquisition of food delivery service OrderUp, Groupon announced on Thursday that it will launch its own food delivery service Groupon To Go in the u.s..

Groupon said the company plans to launch Groupon To Go service in Chicago. Since March this year, Groupon teamed up with 500 restaurants in Chicago, has been in the region to carry out food takeaway service testing. But Groupon also said that the company plans to expand the service to other regions during the year, including this fall will be launched in Boston and Austen service.

although a large number of on-demand food delivery service is currently on the market, but according to the Groupon Groupon To Go claims, and other services is the biggest difference: each order can save 10% expenditure for customers. The new service by playing low brand, reflecting the overall brand image of Groupon, Groupon has always attached great importance to consumers looking for cost-effective transactions.

Groupon To Go division vice president and general manager Sean · Smith (Sean Smyth) said, Groupon launched a food delivery service from their customers, because the food and beverage Groupon is the largest and most popular commodity categories.


was acquired by Groupon, OrderUp still runs its own brand. OrderUp in the United States 40 cities (mainly for the University City) to carry out food takeaway service. Groupon through the acquisition of OrderUp, not only in the United States dozens of city food takeaway industry foothold, while also trying to OrderUp technology will be integrated into the Groupon To Go, these technologies include: real-time tracking of orders, orders and other groups to order and make an appointment in advance.

although Smith admitted that the food takeaway market competition, but he said that many other services have not really become mainstream. For example, he said, Groupon currently has a number of active users up to 25 million in North America, but the U.S. online takeaway ordering website GrubHub said recently, its number of active users is only 5 million 900 thousand.

other services do well, can promote their own growth, but they are too concentrated in a certain area…… If we can get consumers who don’t really use online delivery or online ordering service, we will be the mainstream." Smith said.

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