Nearly 50 quasi PO electricity supplier to be invited to visit the Shenzhen overall size is expecte

Nearly 50 quasi PO electricity supplier to be invited to visit the Shenzhen overall size is expecte

today (May 9th), China’s largest retail platform for SMEs and China’s largest listed platform for SMEs, came together." A participating brokerage marvel. In May 9th, nearly 50 listed companies are invited to visit the business group of shenzhen. These companies are from Alibaba platform, China’s capital market officially ushered in the peak of the electricity supplier companies landing. It is reported that the first to be listed Ali platform businesses have more than one hundred, the market valuation of up to several hundred million yuan, the overall size is expected to rebuild a number of Alibaba in china.


nearly 50 businesses to be listed Tmall photo

Shenzhen stock exchange relevant responsible person on the same day at the Alibaba listed platform business forum pointed out, Shenzhen will continue to improve the multi-level capital market system and innovation service system, enhance the understanding of electricity providers and other emerging capital markets and understanding, and jointly create a good market environment to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

gem itself is also entrepreneurs." The official site quoted Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma in 2010 at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem the first anniversary of the speech, he believes that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and listed businesses as entrepreneurs in the mood is the same.

in April this year, Alibaba’s Tmall platform was set up to help businesses listed office". The significance of these businesses to help the listing of Ali than its own market is also far-reaching." The person in charge of the office Gu Ying pointed out in his speech, while a large number of enterprises lack of funds, while a large number of funds can not find a way out. This is called the Chinese capital market "quake lake" phenomenon; the main board of the company than the small board, small board company than the gem, which is known as the Chinese capital market "inverted triangle" phenomenon. How to open up the lake, solve the "inverted triangle"? China discussion today in the history of economic development significance.

, according to sources close to Alibaba, in order to better listen to the difficulties and demands of listed businesses. At the end of April, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to help businesses listed office issued a verbal invitation, invited to be listed Ali platform for businesses to Shenzhen to understand the matters related to the listing. The news is less than 3 days, the office received more than 100 business registration information, the final selection of nearly 50 businesses to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange investigation.

is a new economic entity on behalf of the future, we’ll come to the

"first picture, sooner or later everyone to come here to ring the bell." Before the forum, vice president Geng Liming decorated on the Shenzhen stock exchange hall greeted businessmen photo.

in the listed businesses in the army, a part of Taobao, Tmall is from the birth of Internet companies, partly through Ali platform and a traditional enterprise.

2010 settled Tmall’s planned listing in November 2018, October mummy, valuation of 5 billion yuan. Tmall three in June 2012

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