Business platform operators should learn about consumer psychology

Business platform operators should learn about consumer psychology

With the continuous development of the electricity supplier shouting

, we found that the electricity supplier platform consumer spending patterns, consumer attitudes have also changed significantly. More and more electronic business platform continues to emerge, for the vast number of consumers on the choice of goods to provide more and more choice of space, so that consumer behavior becomes more convenient, more rational. For the managers of the electronic business platform, we should be fully considered in the operation of consumer psychology, consumer behavior factors, these ideas into the operation and maintenance of the platform. For example, consumers see a product in a business platform, the various attributes of the product directly to the consumer can stimulate the senses, to find the product "comment" and "orders", "reasonable price", so will be in the brains of consumers of the product purchase desire. Through the analysis of these factors can make it easier for consumers to follow your wishes, and then become your product consumer. Study consumer psychology plays an important role in the operation and maintenance of electronic business platform, but also the relationship between products is a key factor of success, the author thinks that we can proceed from the following aspects:

first, establish a trustworthy relationship with consumers.

for all consumers on the Internet, I think most of the concerns are from the security of the transaction. When recognizing this, as the operator of the electronic business platform needs to be designed to improve some elements to obtain the trust of consumers. Creating a platform that enables consumers to trust, has a significant role in improving consumer registration and buying products.

We know that

is a kind of animal human vision, often pay more attention to what we see, this business platform for us to do, is to see the platform and our products in the consumer, you can rest assured that the first step. In particular, our platform in the first place to give consumers a sense of trust is more important, because it affects whether consumers will continue to focus on the product, the desire to produce. We need to re platform home color, layout, navigation bar, and so on more effort for the development of an initial sense of trust is very important. At the same time, we also need to note that in the form of registration or purchase of consumers, there should be a clear display to ensure the safety of the information tips.

second, fully understand the consumer’s reading habits.

for the electronic business platform, we want to give consumers a comfortable access environment. We need to provide consumers with what they want, but also according to the consumer’s reading habits to arrange the location of the content. No matter what kind of pages, each page has a vision of the region can come up to the consumer, this is the purpose of regional consumers to access this page, we need to design for this area to strengthen the reading habits of our design target consumers. This is like Baidu, Google and other search engine advertising position, but also in the full understanding of the consumer’s reading habits on the basis of the design, and not just placed. < >

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