Wu Di thousands of melee is coming to an end Talking about the problems that must be faced by group

Wu Di thousands of melee is coming to an end Talking about the problems that must be faced by group

According to the

news that this month in a group purchase industry launched the integrity certification and rating criteria at the end of the month is expected to be announced to the public, this is the first official in China for the shopping site is given by the third party credit evaluation. The non official news that the more than and 300 group purchase website submitted, received the first batch of credit certification qualification is only about 20 of the house, which is also more than ninety percent of the group purchase website did not get credit evaluation.

, according to the author, the credit evaluation in the following three main questions:

a, registered capital: registered capital must be about 500 thousand. Web site must rely on the company, individual applications will not be accepted.

two, the site’s ability to pay: the site needs to have a certain ability to pay, is divided into: excellent, good, qualified, bad, loss. Users can be judged by "electronic credit label" and link page information.

three, whether to guide consumer safety consumption: buy site must ensure that the integrity of the site’s business, to avoid the situation does not appear to be closed consumer businesses.

summary of the above points is not difficult to find that the number of registered capital is low, low credibility, management is not standardized the group purchase website will encounter "credit crisis", which is to end the "thousand dogfight" market chaos? No third party credit evaluation of the group purchase website where to go from


registered capital:

at the end of the end of the grassroots buy network to buy the entire industry trust damage. A group purchase website to operate successfully, must also be the company, it can establish their own credibility at all, for some non operation of the company or registered capital of less than 500 thousand of the group purchase website, must increase advertising propaganda, do their own reputation and brand marketing, otherwise, under market pressure, will only do more the worse.

site payment capacity:

if a buy site credit limit is 1 million yuan, but it launched a commodity price of $120, and sold a total of 10000 copies, the transaction amounted to $1 million 200 thousand, exceeding its credit limit. This time the user will have to choose carefully, because once the problem, this site may not have the ability to repay the purchase." Zhang Ge example. This can guarantee the maximum consumer risk. Group purchase website must increase their ability to pay, or when the number reaches a certain amount of buy site, consumers will not buy.

to ensure consumer safety consumption:

"movie tickets are required to increase the exchange", "queuing for two weeks the shuttle side of the fish was told no," said the bottom price of brand-name cosmetics is copycat goods "," registration information is rather baffling sold "these are the group purchase website from rise to now has been facing the problem. How to guide and ensure the safety of consumer spending, but also to buy a website to survive a fundamental. Buy site must investigate the reception of good business

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