2016 Top10 makeup brand rankings which domestic concern

2016 Top10 makeup brand rankings which domestic concern

2016 is the industry winter intensified a year, most of the local cosmetics companies complain incessantly, the end of last year opened the annual meeting in 2017, even the cattle are not blowing!

in this case, it is not surprising that the world is not the concept of the product can not be ranked on the cosmetics brand in 2016 to rank

accurate, ranked by sales is the most convincing, but in the transformation of channel brand brand industry trend of driving under the view that the consumer market for your major brand attention ranking, also has very important significance.

to quantify this concern, we can use a convenient tool: Baidu index. Baidu search index can be reflected in the search for a keyword on Baidu, for example, the higher the search index of a brand, the brand is the number of search will be more. Consumers through the introduction of a Baidu search for a brand or the price of a product and evaluation, does not mean that they have their own cosmetics Baidu search interest?

so, big data view to 2016 to Jun with Baidu search index, then have to roll up their sleeves to do


first, in 2016 the hottest brand Baidu search Top10

we find the top 10 ranking of the Baidu search index cosmetics industry in, Lancome and Estee Lauder, has been the first and the second consecutive years since 2014 to maintain the results.


addition, the top 3 brands are high-end brands. In 2015 ranked fourth in Paris by L’OREAL to replace the former Innisfree, has slipped to tenth place.

from the company level, L’OREAL group, Estee Lauder group, amore Pacific Group, LVMH group and Chanel, the 5 giants dominated the top 10 on the list, which, in the 4 major brands in Chinese annual sales of nearly 15 billion yuan of L’OREAL group in which Lancome won the first, becoming the biggest winner.

two, the Korean brand began to differentiate, Matthew effect increased

, however, this does not indicate that the cosmetics brand search index pattern is stable. In fact, a change is coming. In 2016, South Korea, and the Laneige brand Innisfree Sulwhasoo (both amore Pacific’s global brand) in fourth, fifth and ninth respectively. Korean brands into 3 seats, which shows in Korean market especially Chinese young consumer groups in the rising influence.

we can control the data of past years: 2015, Baidu index above three brand rankings were sixth, tenth and eleventh; in 2014, the ranking is respectively twelfth, eighteenth and fifth (year as Laneige borrow star you and air frost fire).


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