All the common web site is unknown transfer

All the common web site is unknown transfer

recently, a friend called the general web site registered contacts, contact e-mail, etc. have been changed. In this news, cobra quickly checked all the common URL Cobra registration has changed hands, the registered person into a "Guo Yiyue", e-mail has been changed to "[email protected]".

This makes

Cobra Lenovo to the hands of the kart before a general web site, because the operation of the game of the century company that registered the Amagi Cobra general website infringement, after Chinese Internet information center the dispute resolution institution ruling, the universal network access to century city.

cobra is puzzled, the dispute mechanism just ruled is a kart general web site, all common URL why Cobra registered in Beijing have become Guo Yiyue, does CNNIC have a problem?

The query results, all web site of Cobra (vista, Homebox, super male etc.) have been changed to Guo Yiyue for no reason, but the general query URL in the new network in the background information, is still the cobra, is CNNIC and agent database synchronization?

used to be the domain name was secretly transferred to others, and now the general web site has become so, do not know what the next one will be?

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