Beautiful said settled WeChat postponed or indefinitely shelved

Beautiful said settled WeChat postponed or indefinitely shelved


] March 11th news billion state power network, the state power grid to understand, beauty has been officially opened before the group purchase channel, but previously announced at the WeChat open shopping entrance is not scheduled on the line.

It is reported that

, said the group purchase channel beautiful officially launched in February 20th, covering categories including clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags, update time in every morning at ten a.m..

beautiful said buy page

, however, the United States said that the year before the opening of WeChat shopping portal has not yet on-line. It is understood that the beautiful open letter said CEO Xu Yirong said in a letter to business cooperation, beautiful said WeChat has confirmed the official cooperation plan, decided to set up in the WeChat fashion shopping entrance "my bank card channel in February, said the beautiful boutique recommended for WeChat users to buy.

beauty has also said that the release of the message, in order to accelerate the cooperation of the project on the line with WeChat, the relevant team during the Spring Festival collective overtime, usually ten times the payment of wages.

but as of now, the above shopping portal does not appear in WeChat related pages. Beautiful said insiders revealed to billion state power network, the project is currently under development, will be officially launched in the near future, the specific time is not convenient to disclose.

, however, although WeChat has not yet appeared on the beautiful shopping entrance, but the beauty of WeChat said to promote the payment of spare no effort.

beauty said to pay WeChat to promote efforts to increase

according to the official said the beautiful aspects of the introduction, said in the beautiful to complete the purchase, the use of WeChat payment, the first single per person per day can be reduced by 10 yuan. The premise is that the actual payment of the amount of consumer orders totaled 20 yuan. After the user selects the payment page to pay WeChat, the payment will be automatically reduced by 10 yuan, with the recent hot taxi App promotion is very similar.

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