Asia domain name into the GoLive public registration period

Asia domain name into the GoLive public registration period

on the afternoon of March 26th,.Asia top-level domain name of the sponsoring organization and registration management unit DotAsia held a press conference in Beijing, officially announced the.Asia domain name began to enter the GoLive public registration period. Vice President Joe DotAsia Jing, deputy general manager of international cooperation and Minister of Propaganda Department China Internet association Li Hong, vice president of China million net anchor, 35 Internet Week Beijing company Hong Dongsheng, Zun master Wang Quanfeng, renamed Chinese m network, new network Yang Yucong Liu Chao attended the conference.

DotAsia Vice President Joe respect

Chinese Internet association international cooperation and propaganda department vice minister Li Hong

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Chinese million net anchor


conference, Joe to summarize the.Asia domain name registration and landing phase of the sunrise period, and the outstanding performance of the domestic business registration shall be commended and awarded the "best sunrise period Chinese and landing phase register certificate for Chinese million net, issued a large area of outstanding Chinese Landrush registered business" the certificate for "China. According to Qiao Jing introduction, Beijing time on March 26th at 8 o’clock in the evening began to enter the public domain GoLive.Asia registration. Since then, the global user registration.Asia domain names will follow the first come first win rule.

Qiao Jing was awarded

certificate Chinese civilink

Joe China certificate

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DotAsia Joe king said, the future will not only continue to promote the.Asia domain of GoLive/ landing phase bidding and continued to promote the brand / celebrity name, will also launch Chinese, including Japanese and Korean, the international domain name (IDN) business. Qiao Jing said that the current DotAsia has launched the international domain name business fully prepared and submitted to the ICANN related applications, is expected to be approved in the fourth quarter of this year, the reply.

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