About Taobao shop decoration experience sharing

About Taobao shop decoration experience sharing

no matter what industry you are doing, what to do, you have to put their own facade to the decoration, only a good appearance to give customers a comfortable environment for the selection. So how do we usually need to decorate our shop? How do we need to design our shop? Today we will share our experience.

first we must first confirm our shop is the basic edition or professional edition, Taobao is free to use the professional version store to drill the following drill after users, want to continue to use the professional shop to charge Oh, if you do not want to pay if you can only use the basic version store.

here to talk about the basic version of the shop and the professional version of the shop what is the difference:

professional version of the shop: you can use full screen shop, full screen posters, 950 size picture poster, custom page two.

basic version of the shop: full screen shop, full screen posters, 950 size picture posters, custom pages and other advanced features can not be used in the two, only a few simple custom modules.

so we generally recommend that we use the professional version of the shop, so you can decorate a better effect template.

below we began to introduce how to decorate the shop, shop decoration should pay attention to what.

a decoration shop recruit and navigation bar.

shop is our face, look at first glance is the face, so we want to shop fitting up. To do as long as they look to attract customers, do not remember the garish. In addition, the shop is to recruit and navigation bar is the only place in any page can see the site, so we have to make reasonable use of this place to give their own money to do a free advertising oh. We can store in the shop put a burst of pictures and hyperlinks. So that others can see the product in any page oh.

navigation, if careful people will find a CSS custom content, the place where we can use the most simple, if we want to do a fixed background effect cannot do without the custom CSS page.

two. Text

which is mainly put into our advertising posters, the main push product display, baby amplification effect, with the package section, and some special effects. In addition we should focus on to talk about his custom section here, this section there is a custom code editor, we can certainly use the existing online some decoration template directly to our shop to go inside, and if you can PS, PS can also be used to effect pictures, then slice them here. In short, the professional version of the shop can make use of this more special out of.

three. Default baby details page

default baby details page is not a description of our baby oh, this page we can decorate the left column, the width of the left column

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