Online shopping division 10 days to let the shop closed down alleged illegal

Online shopping division 10 days to let the shop closed down alleged illegal

online shop on the integrity, each get a bad review, online sellers integrity is reduced by one point, and poor division is the seller nightmare operator, they can be in 10 days to let a business a year shop closed down, as a means, of course not enough light. Therefore, the crowd was despised by many people. Recently, one of the malicious bad judge exposed the identity of the user’s posts on the Internet caused a hot debate. Although netizens have given support to the behavior of this golden hand, but some lawyers pointed out that the cumulative amount of malicious bad judgment extortion reached 4000 yuan that is a crime.


ten days to break a shop

in order to build up the credit evaluation system of (micro-blog) network trading platform, buyers can evaluate the business of each transaction, if received, the higher the degree of integrity of shop, visit friends will also be increased; every poor shop will be deducted 1 points. Division of the poor use of the rules of the transaction, to poor evaluation extortion sellers, less a few dollars, hundreds of dollars. "No 10 days, we can make a shop for a year of business failures, of course, can also make a bad review of the business looks very beautiful." A professional judge said that all this can be solved by money.


every moment to accept conscience test

online before the emergence of a poor teacher exposes the posts, the attention of many people. He said in the readme, he is going to graduate this year’s college students, faced with graduation pressure, more and more money, had previously worked as a waiter, as a "Navy". When the teacher evaluation purpose is very simple, just want to make money. However, conscience makes him unable to grab the ill-gotten gains. During the 3 days when the Evaluation Division, "no sleep for a good night sleep every day to accept his conscience, stability, test. Watched a shopkeeper called give money to change bad, listen to their voice lament, and those who are taking care of the baby’s father and mother the shopkeeper, is not to hold to…… I know, I can not let their efforts cast to waste."



is not money conscience

although most people judge division to bad behavior very disdain, but the "wash" approach to give a support: "not to earn money for their conscience", "people are kind of life at the seller business with a small capital, good", "even if the wrong fortune will have the retribution". There are more users to send blessings: Great landlord, I hope you work smoothly after graduation."


recommends multi joint report

in fact, the network has been illegal acts of judges. Bad professional judges such behavior is illegal behavior, Zhejiang Ze big law firm Lawyer Wang made it clear that, if the cumulative amount of extortion reached 4000 yuan

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