The solution to the problem of slow transaction speed of e commerce website

The solution to the problem of slow transaction speed of e commerce website

is a well-known e-commerce website recently encountered a problem, the user complaints of "slow trading" in the near end time since the emergence of a large number of complaints, become a problem, the highest for this purpose, we conducted research and analysis, that the cause of user complaints "slow trading" are:

in the user’s commitment to the period of time the user can not receive the goods, and the user can not be promptly and accurately informed of the progress of the order processing, resulting in a large number of complaints. At the time the commitment to the user, the user does not receive the goods, both the electronic commerce website itself transaction internal causes of slow, there are some external factors beyond your control, but if you can let the user know the order processing progress in real time, or to make a timely interpretation work, will reduce most complaints.

Although the increase in human

is the most direct method, but the investment is the largest, undoubtedly, if we can do through the communication work to reduce because of slow trading impact on the user experience is the most immediate cost is the lowest.

slow trading can be viewed from two perspectives, one is indeed transaction speed is slow, the two is the user feel slow trading, and finally causes the user only one complaint, users of the transaction status uncertainty, user confusion, finally exceed user waiting tolerance, so at the very anxious under the condition of user complaints, and this kind of psychological feeling, can be through the web page to add some functions to effectively alleviate the, I think, as long as the user by eliminating the uncertainty of the order, at least can be reduced by more than 90% of slow trading complaints.

, for example, if you open a web page, if the page loading speed is too slow, this time our mood must be very anxious, but if this page with a progress bar, so that our emotions will be greatly alleviated, if not the loading progress bar, perhaps users will immediately turn off ", and if coupled with the progress bar, so most users will continue to wait, electronic commerce website users receiving slow complaints can also solve to follow this idea.

this is a very wonderful feeling, about the psychological problems, is very simple, if the user can see the progress, the user will feel fast, if the user cannot see timely progress, the user will feel very long. If a user schedule do not know, users will be very panic: it is not my goods were lost? Is my failure to pay? Is my money? Is not cheated? This time before, are reluctant to call the user, will immediately call the site’s customer service phone to make inquiries and complaints.

then, a phone was ringing off the hook, many users finally even phone calls do not enter, no way, where to go to scold a curse, the site is also very innocent, to add to customer service, customer service, plus a few hundred cost millions of call center construction…

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