Sogou Pinyin made search war caused the flow of electricity supplier entrance

Sogou Pinyin made search war caused the flow of electricity supplier entrance

billion state power network March 6th news, learned billion state power network, Sogou input method and update the latest version, one of the new "heart" function, can according to user input content to provide search services. This action is interpreted as the industry to intercept search engine stray, indirect search for market share of the practice. Because the function is also included on the website of the search results, analysts pointed out that, at the same time, Sogou input method in the spoiler "3B" war, but also spread to the electricity supplier website traffic sources.

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billion state power network try to use the new version of Sogou input method, the search box to enter the "Jingdong" in Baidu, then directly gives the Jingdong official website mall entrance. Users do not need to click on the search button, but enter "0" can be directly jump.


relevant source, Sogou input method used in the 2 edition of the "heart" function, direct will be involved in film and television, music, web site, train tickets, and other software entrance, which is one of the important service business website.

billion state power network was found, including Taobao (including Tmall), Jingdong, mall,, Mcglaughlin, like many other electronic business website can realize direct search by Sogou input method. In addition, including the current electricity supplier to carry out promotional activities, as well as buy, games and other business portal also provide one by one.

analysts pointed out that the new Sogou Sogou Sogou Sogou input method is to enter the search, the market share of the important weight snatch. Due to the browser market, 360 has become the ceiling of the search, Baidu search also hinder the pace of search Sogou search, which must use the very means". Due to the input interface directly to the search box is more streamlined, save user clicks, higher penetration Sogou Pinyin (more than 300 million users, the market share of up to 83.6%) is the best weapon against competitors.

at the same time, there are concerns about the industry, Sogou Baidu and 360 against the use of diversion tactics may have an impact on the flow of electricity supplier entrance. At present, the search engine and navigation site, is still the main source of electricity supplier website upstream flow, the purchase cost of keywords is not only rise, not a small pressure on the electricity supplier companies. "If you can take out the new Sogou Pinyin pattern of the market, under the premise of diversified competition, to reduce the cost of promotion."

however, it is worth noting that, Sogou input method of the "heart" function not only for Baidu, 360 search engines, including electricity supplier internal site search box also apply. Billion state power network were used in a Sogou Pinyin input, the Jingdong in the Jingdong mall mall; input words, can jump each other. And even in the form of guess you like, to provide users with a number of related electricity supplier website.

this also means that Sogou input method will be aimed at all search products, which is more destructive, it is possible to completely break >

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