Two dimensional code is the company to enter the O2O market stronghold

Two dimensional code is the company to enter the O2O market stronghold

recently, the news about the Internet giant Tencent have begun to get involved in the field of living at present, WeChat launched the electronic membership card, membership card printed two-dimensional code, by scanning the two-dimensional code according to the membership card, the mobile phone card package. Tencent WeChat membership card project leader Geng Zhijun said in an interview, "WeChat membership card is a new focus on the life of electronic commerce and O2O (Online To Offline) solutions, to enable more offline and online users to enjoy mobile Internet, obtain life benefits and privileges." Tencent is marking the tool through WeChat, the use of two-dimensional code to achieve the purpose of entering the O2O market, two-dimensional code has become an entrance to the O2O market. Prior to the September 24th news, Sina announced that micro-blog officially launched a two-dimensional code function, micro-blog two-dimensional code will provide a variety of functions with service, users can easily share exclusive two-dimensional code in a variety of scenarios to promote their use of micro-blog or micro-blog client scan two-dimensional code. Sina micro-blog Tencent step WeChat’s footsteps, to seize the entrance of two-dimensional code. I think Sina micro-blog this copy of two-dimensional code is not successful, the first two-dimensional code after scanning is connected, unlike WeChat as the start of WeChat, Sina can be two-dimensional code to locate the micro-blog home page or micro-blog page. With the giants into the two-dimensional code propaganda and construction, the two-dimensional code is again attention is the common voice that behoove, two-dimensional code is entrance O2O market model, the author think that really is like this, is based on the following aspects:

(a) Smartphone development speed


mobile phone field time new variety, inside the field of intelligent technology is constantly changing, the popularity of intelligent, Internet become the theme, more and more people are using smart mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone development also conform to the requirements of the market, more in line with consumer operations, intelligent access to certain mobile Internet will become hot, as did a model of mobile Internet: O2O mode must be sought after, how to get involved in the O2O market has become a key, two-dimensional code is now popular or publicity has become the market entrance. Simply using a mobile phone to scan to get the information you want, rather than typing and other means of communication is more convenient, combined with the line on the line and the use of two-dimensional code better, product line promotion, online information push.

(two) two-dimensional code is to promote the O2O model test products

e-commerce gradually by the diversification of the brand, professional, comprehensive development. E-commerce from the original C2C, B2B to B2C and then to the evolution of the current O2O. While the major electricity supplier from the initial, the Alibaba to the Jingdong Tmall mall, mall and other professional B2C mall, and with the development of mobile Internet, accelerate the integration of the line, promote the development of O2O e-commerce model. The rise of each model as well as whether to occupy the mainstream, is the need to continue the case in the stack, given it to prove that the development of the current model of O2O >

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