Ministry of Commerce expects 2015 electricity supplier turnover is expected to reach 12 trillion

Ministry of Commerce expects 2015 electricity supplier turnover is expected to reach 12 trillion

said the Ministry of Commerce and information technology division deputy inspector Nie Linhai 29 held in Chengdu, 2011APEC SME summit, e-commerce has entered a period of rapid development in the "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year" period will usher in a faster development period.

according to the Ministry of commerce is expected, the next five years, e-commerce transactions will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, in 2015 will reach $12 trillion.

electricity supplier industry rapid growth

2011APEC SME summit is the first day of e-commerce". At present, e-commerce has become China’s important economic form and modern means of circulation, deeply penetrated into all areas of production, circulation and consumption, changing the traditional management mode and production organization form.

according to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, over the past 5 years online shopping consumption increased by an average of 22 times, an average annual increase of 28% in 2010 to reach about $about 450000000000.

The development of

e-commerce, the development speed of payment can also get a glimpse from the network. MasterCard International vice president Wang Jun said that the current Internet payment is generally increased by 4000%, from 2005 to now, because the base is relatively small, so a few years ago may grow faster, but we on this market forecast is very fast, there will be hundreds of billions of dollars a year scale."

The rapid development of

e-commerce also allows the relevant policies into intensive release period. The reporter understands, "12th Five-Year" plan for electronic commerce in the clear requirements of the development of e-commerce, improve e-commerce services for small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote the application of e-commerce popularization and deepening, and vigorously promote e-commerce innovation, accelerate the construction of e-commerce support system.

Under the continuous growth of

, in the main market participants and industry rapid expansion, e-commerce is a period of rapid development in the "11th Five-Year" period, then the "12th Five-Year" period is a period of rapid development." Nie Linhai said.

group buying site network founder Wang Xing told this reporter, said that the current annual per capita income of thirty thousand yuan, while spending only $1 thousand online, this share will continue to grow. Among them, a part of the network of physical goods sales, part of the local consumer services." Wang Xing said.

open logistics platform to become the new darling of

logistics services is the last mile of e-commerce user experience". E-commerce seems to have reached a consensus that logistics is the most important factor in its value chain.

but in Nie Linhai opinion, logistics is not only the bottleneck of e-commerce development, but also the opportunity for the development of electricity supplier enterprises.

Nie Linhai said that the Ministry of Commerce issued a modern logistics guidance, and launched a pilot demonstration of the city, the park and the enterprise. Recently, the State Council has issued several opinions on accelerating the development of logistics industry

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