Comments network business is now back to the alleged illegal

Comments network business is now back to the alleged illegal

– Hou Kun

online shopping goods evaluation is an important basis for consumers to buy goods for the network business is good now, the behavior of poor behavior is also a common complaint. However, these inducements consumers praise behavior but the merchant has violated the relevant laws and regulations in china. In August 25th, the Guangdong Provincial Council according to consumer complaints, a formal letter urged to Taobao, require Alibaba to strengthen supervision, and resolutely correct these improper behavior of businesses, and improve the construction of credit evaluation system, to provide safe and secure online shopping environment for consumers (August 26th "Guangzhou daily").

consumer businesses inducements to praise, both sides seem to look like "each one takes what he needs, one would like to make a wish to" win-win model. In fact, consumer businesses inducements to praise the behavior, is damaging the existing commodity evaluation system and business credit system, praise back now, if not timely stop, businesses and consumers will ultimately be a lose lose outcome.

first, businesses rely on the praise back now and other means can make the goods from the talent shows itself but if you find that the description of the goods, and not so good comments in the consumers to purchase goods, will be for the state to question the rave reviews. The next time the network shopping, consumer praise for goods will decline in confidence, no longer because of the high praise rate and easy to buy a commodity. In the course of time, businesses are valued and dependent on commodity evaluation system will gradually lose the trust of consumers, become the chicken ribs and ultimately not essential, completely ignored by consumers, resulting in commercial businesses destroyed evaluation system. Online shopping commodity evaluation system failure, whether it is for businesses to promote the perfect service of goods, or for consumers to understand the multi level of goods, will be a huge loss irreparable. Then, back to the stage of online shopping voice evaluation, will be a huge setback in the history of the development of online shopping.

as for those consumers to a few dollars against a praise, this short-sighted move eventually damage will also be their own interests. For example: suppose I buy are not satisfied with the goods in an online shopping, but for businesses committed praise back now and give praise, this is not just self deception, it is misleading to consumers. In turn, another consumer may also be due to the return of praise is not in line with the actual situation of the evaluation of the goods, resulting in the author mistakenly believe that the evaluation of the purchase of goods are not satisfied. In this way, each other to mislead, cheat each other and confrontation between consumers, who can not get real information in online shopping evaluation, then all possible because the distortion evaluation system of online shopping losses. It can be said that consumers in order to return now and will give praise, not only give up to maintain their own consumer opportunities, more is to entrap other consumers immoral act, in order to give praise back now once the formation of atmosphere, then all the online shopping consumer interests are difficult to be guaranteed.

business luring consumers, its essence is between businesses and consumers, consumers and consumers cheat each other and error >

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