Manufacturers can not afford to hurt the gun draft comments on 11 years of the most talked about the

Manufacturers can not afford to hurt the gun draft comments on 11 years of the most talked about the

electricity supplier software vendors to promote their products, understandable, we open the shop, but also willing to try different software services. But through the "bangdakuan" mode of their products and a high market share, and compare products has been very mature, faint praise, raise their own, some "insult" our "IQ". Originally did not want to pipe in such business, really see some content too much, so inevitably pull a few circulation of false reports.

recently came across an article entitled "11 years of the most talked about the shopping system review: Hishop and Shopex" article (hereinafter referred to as "the most talked about in the past 11 years") (). At the beginning of the title to see more admire, using analogy method, very clever to let a market share is not high software and a mainstream software has become the "most popular", ha ha.

of course, this is trivial, essential technology is the enterprise soft writing. I had to promote their own cottage brand, but also commonly used in this way, ha ha. Let’s look at the text.

that’s the price……

talking about money is an emotional thing. Why? Because most of the network, not only is that regardless of the price of the product. "11 years of the most attention," said a text, ShopEx product service package price of $5800 -38000 yuan, higher prices in similar software. Hishop price in 3999 yuan -9999 yuan is a price advantage." In fact, to my knowledge, Shopex product line and price range is very fine: free, and there are dozens of hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands, mainly to see what you want. Moreover, Shopex, because there are 70% domestic market share, the industry recognized the first brand of electricity supplier software and services industry. Like BELLE, Lining, TCL, and other well-known brands, veoshoesshoes customers, user experience, function and stability, reliable. So, it can be regarded as a price of goods. This is like an ordinary brand of sports shoes and Nike than the price, and then say Nike is not cost-effective to buy the same. That’s what you want. You need to identify the "low-cost" is king, it has no ground for blame but there are a lot of open shop, do business shoes feel more reliable system more stable, more advanced, more secure services. To put it bluntly, this is you say, oh.

function "by heart" can not do ah!

in the product homogeneity is very serious today, the difference in the realization of the function of the shopping system is not large." This is good, but it is not to say that there is no more advanced features, more stable, more growth, the difference between the expansion. ShopEx R & D team strength and scale are the first in the industry, I was fortunate enough to visit their company last year, there are more than and 300 R & D engineers. I don’t even hear about the size of the others. So, a lot of features ShopEx products are people feel quite unexpected, always feel >

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