The black five online shopping sales growth of 20% the traditional online shopping day in

The black five online shopping sales growth of 20% the traditional online shopping day in


technology news Beijing time on December 1st morning news, a number of industry research data show that the "black Friday" on the day of the online shopping sales grew by 20%, that the traditional line shopping day also gradually become online shopping Carnival day.

Adobe, ChannelAdvisor and Custora data show that this year’s black Friday, the amount of online shopping compared to 2013 growth of 20.6% to between 24%. The amount of orders completed by tablet PCs and mobile phones accounted for 27% to 30%.

U.S. market research firm

comScore earlier this month is expected, the Christmas shopping season (including November and December, the total sales of electronic commerce) will be an increase of 16%, if the forecast is right on the mark will have more online businesses this year through the "black Friday" launched the largest promotional activities, and the growth rate will be online shopping on Monday "slower than the same period last year.

Nearly 70% of the nation’s top 100 Internet retailers are included in the company’s research,

Adobe said. Custora is more popular in young e-commerce companies. ChannelAdvisor is working with the network seller to sell a variety of goods in a number of online markets, most notably Amazon and eBay. ChannelAdvisor’s research covers the seller’s sales on Amazon this year, an increase of 24%.

overall, the three studies can determine the e-commerce market in the United States during the Christmas shopping season to.

in spite of this, a well-known e-commerce industry research has shown a different picture. IBM said the company’s customers on the black Friday sales grew by only 9.5%. (Yu


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