Enhance the conversion of your store turnover key link

Enhance the conversion of your store turnover key link

on the Taobao platform, most of the Taobao shop owners are not so familiar with the operation of the shop, there is a lack of, such as Taobao shop baby classification, Taobao shop baby classification is very important. Baby how to indicate the classification setting affects their stores and PV transaction conversion rate, will affect the customer can buy many products, although Taobao store baby category is such an important link, but most of the owners have not set up on Taobao, or is set to imitate blindly, the reason do not understand why this setting is not clear, different products need to be classified attributes of different settings.

operated by the Taobao store is for the consumer market, the consumer market has many individuals, everyone has different habits, needs and preferences, we in order to meet the needs of different consumers, then we need to classify the baby, this is for the development of shop marketing strategy very important now! In the Taobao platform, many shopkeepers imitation are classified baby use, the baby can have five types of classification, different products should have different classification, below I to list them one by one:

a, baby uses the classification

Use a variety of different

baby also resulted in a variety of baby different value, so it can be used to classify the baby, this classification method is not only suitable for the division for the categories of the baby, but also can be further subdivided. For example, "household appliances" is a major category, household appliances used by the further division is: audio equipment, video equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning appliances, kitchen utensils, etc.. According to the purpose of classification to compare the performance of the same baby, so it is conducive to the customer to buy. But multi-purpose baby, it is not suitable for this classification.

two, baby raw material classification

Variety and quality of raw materials for

performance and quality of the baby often play a decisive role, so the raw material is the most important symbol of classification, the classification method is applicable to more sources of raw materials, and to determine the role of the performance of baby baby. The characteristics of different materials to give baby is different, such as baby clothing according to raw material classification, can be divided into cotton clothing, fur clothing, leather clothing, silk clothing etc.. There are significant differences in the use value of these products and product characteristics. However, a variety of raw materials from the baby does not apply to this classification.

three, baby production method classification

a lot of baby that uses the same raw material manufacturing, but because of different production methods and processing technology, the formation of the product value, characteristics will have a significant difference. So the same raw material variety of production process can be classified by the baby, baby production methods, such as aluminum products can be classified according to white wash, polishing, painting, oxidation etc., to enhance the production method does not distinguish between value and characteristics of the baby baby, is not applicable to this kind of way. < >

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