How to get rich in the era of mobile electricity supplier control micro relationship

How to get rich in the era of mobile electricity supplier control micro relationship

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everyone is reluctant to leave the network, to leave the social platform era, with the increasingly popularity of intelligent terminals, mobile phone, mobile phone convenient online shopping has become a way of life — the era of mobile providers on arrival. For some accustomed to the traditional sales model of SMEs, how to seize the initiative in the era of mobile electricity supplier


is committed to providing all-round, multi-level power enterprises overall information technology solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in November 6th and 20 in the Northeast four to carry out the theme of "new marketing" new pattern of business enterprise China mobile business leaders summit, providing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in transition.

"new pattern of new electricity supplier marketing" China enterprise mobile business leaders summit, has launched a tour in Shandong in October. In the power of "PC website, mobile phone website, APP client, WeChat public platform, fully functional visual background" of the five platform, planning for small and medium-sized enterprises to become rich "five weapon", and to explain. Many local small and medium enterprises to participate in active and benefit from many.

participants said: now the electricity supplier has grown too fast, the impact on our traditional sales is very large. I also have the idea to do electricity supplier, but no way to start, feeling very vague prospects. China hosted the summit is very timely, let me have the confidence to do business, and now the electricity supplier has to understand, when you need help, China will also support."

can not be denied, in the current mobile Internet era, "social" is undoubtedly the most universal attributes of Internet users, and the application of social class is undoubtedly the most flourishing with WeChat as the representative of the mobile social networking application, and integration of mobile social applications, shopping, payment and other functions, because many enterprises are becoming a focus. China believes that in order to control the target user "micro", use the convenient two-dimensional code scanning as a means, will be "forced" to small and medium-sized enterprises rapidly formed in the depth of adhesion with customers, help small and medium-sized enterprises to the road of wealth.

look at some data.

China Internet Network Information Center, the latest authoritative survey data show that as of June 2014, China’s Internet users reached 632 million, of which the size of mobile phone users by 527 million. Internet users in the device, the mobile phone utilization rate of 83.4%, of which 97% of mobile phone users have installed APP client.

another survey results show that as of the end of the second quarter of this year, the number of monthly active accounts WeChat reached up to 438 million, of which the proportion of mobile Internet access through the APP client accounted for 81%.

third sets of data about the Taobao "double eleven": 2009 "double eleven" rage, "2010 sales double eleven" close to 1 billion, reaching 5 billion 200 million in 2011, 19 billion 100 million in 2012, soared to 35 billion yuan in 2013.

massive mobile user groups

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