CANN next year to open the domain name domain name will be banned

CANN next year to open the domain name domain name will be banned

ICANN "(hereinafter referred to as" ICANN ") to discuss open more top-level domain name has now entered the closing stages, discuss the increase of new top-level domain has lasted nearly four years.

according to foreign media reports, ICANN president and CEO Paul Twomey said that in the third quarter of next year may be approved by more applicants have Internet top-level domain name. "The policy making process has lasted more than three years, and now finally to the implementation of the time, meeting last month in Cairo, we have announced a specific implementation plan and draft the contract, is expected next year will begin to accept applications for registration."

Internet top-level domain name in addition to trademark and intellectual property restrictions, some confusion or trouble to the server to identify the domain name, such as.Kom and.1234 are not allowed to register, Twomey also stressed that the application will be registered in accordance with the first application of first principles.

According to the

, ICANN will charge $185 thousand for international top-level domain application fees, most of which will be used to assess the application.

ICANN executive director and vice president of corporate affairs Paul – ray said that some governments, including the U.S. government, including years ago, has been nearly ten years ago to simplify the top-level domain registration procedures. Currently only 21 international top-level domain names, including ".Com", ".Org", ".Biz" and ".Info" and so on, these top-level domain names are using English characters. ICANN proposes to open international top-level domain names to non English characters such as Chinese characters.

Ravens said that plans to allow third party against aggressive (including racial discrimination and pornography) the top-level domain application, independent of the ICANN groups and organizations will be responsible for resolving domain name application disputes, and auction to solve multiple groups compete for a top level domain problem. He pointed out that the high cost of applying for top-level domain name and maintain the domain name registration duties will also prevent the registration of a number of offensive domains.

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