Jingdong announced the 6 18 Lao special buy raiders Climax

Jingdong announced the 6 18 Lao special buy raiders Climax

today is the twelfth anniversary of the Jingdong, "618" promotion has entered the climax stage last – Lao special has been extended from June 17th to June 20th.

promotion this year continues the theme of "PARTY ON" last year, bringing the six themes of "global direct supply, intelligent life, financial networks, mobile social networking, popular entertainment and convenient" Carnival Party for users to create a shopping, social networking and entertainment in one of the carnival shopping festival.

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Jingdong announced the purchase strategy, "Lao special" period, including general merchandise, proprietary books, mobile phone and other digital products, clothing and luggage across the board Home Furnishing category has different discounts, including 6 iPhone low to 4618 yuan (4668 yuan in the price guide map, has been updated for 4618 yuan).

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, home appliances, accessories can enjoy a minimum of 90 percent off discount, while ThinkPad laptops to participate spike activity price as low as $1999.

worth mentioning is that Jingdong home, Jingdong finance in these four days has also launched the corresponding activities. The Jingdong "home" and "6.18 yuan supermarket launched 38.2% off seckill" ex gratia activities, and for Beijing, Shanghai, 3 km within the scope of the supermarket goods, delivery, flower delivery 2 hours of service. The financial Jingdong launched 38.2% off new homes, waiting for you to grab the interest free installment purchase IOUS and other activities, interested students may wish to look at.

Jingdong Lao special: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/UFTvS5hj04f7eu.html


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